Samsung SSD 850 EVO Solid State Drive Review


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AS-SSD Benchmark

Alex Schepeljanski of Alex Intelligent Software develops the free AS SSD Benchmark utility for testing storage devices. The AS SSD Benchmark tests sequential read and write speeds, input/output operational performance, and response times.

AS-SSD Benchmark uses compressed data, so sequential file transfer speeds are reported lower than with other tools using uncompressed data. For this reason, we will concentrate on the operational IOPS performance in this section.

Beginning with sequential transfer performance, the 500GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO solid state drive produced speeds up to 504.37 MB/s for reads and 497.84 MB/s writes. These speeds were among the best we’ve recorded for any high-performance SSD, and surpassed only by the 256GB Samsung SSD 850 PRO. Single-threaded 4K IOPS performance tests delivered 38.82 MB/s reads and 67.79 MB/s writes, while the 64-thread 4K read test recorded 385.88 MB/s with write performance at 329.88 MB/s.


500GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO Results

AS-SSD 64-thread 4KB IOPS performance results are displayed below, comparing several enthusiast-level storage products currently on the market. In the 64-thread 4KB IOPS performance tests, the 500GB Samsung SSD 850 EVO solid state drive easily surpassed the other competition, while offering far improved sustained performance over SSDs of similar capacity. The chart below is sorted by total combined performance, which helps illustrate which products offer the best operational input/output under load:


In the next section, Benchmark Reviews tests transfer rates using ATTO Disk Benchmark.


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