AORUS Thunder M7 MMO Gaming Mouse Review


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AORUS Thunder M7 MMO Gaming Mouse Review

By Jason Vaught

Manufacturer: AORUS Pte. Ltd.
Product Name: Thunder M7
Model Number: GM-THUNDER M7
UPC: 818313020819 EAN: 4719331548339
Price As Tested: $89.99 (Amazon | Newegg | B&H)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by AORUS.

Have you ever heard of a gaming mouse? But of course you have! You’re not here at BenchmarkReviews.com by accident, you came here because you’re either already or an up and coming enthusiast! You may not have, however, ever heard of AORUS. That is understandable, but I’m sure you’ve heard of it’s parent company, Gigabyte. That’s right, AORUS is Gigabyte’s gaming brand. The company currently makes a gaming keyboard, gaming mouse, some gaming laptops, and accessories such as the Thunder P3 extended mouse pad (see page 5 Thunder P3 Mouse Pad Review for a short review).

The AORUS Thunder M7 MMO Gaming Mouse is a 16 button fully-programmable gaming mouse. Featuring an advanced 8200dpi laser and the utlra-durable Omron switches. Combine these features with AORUS’s robust “Macro Engine”, and you’ve got yourself one sweet little mouse. We at Benchmark Reivews have been given the opportunity to review a few of their products, in this review we’re going to be talking about the AORUS Thunder M7 MMO Gaming Mouse. Let’s dive in!

AORUS Thunder M7 MMO Mouse

Features & Specifications

Specifications direct from AORUS’s website:



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