LUXA2 Groovy Duo Wireless Speaker Review


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Wireless Speaker Final Thoughts

A majority of the Bluetooth speakers on the market do not embrace stereo sound to keep costs done. The Groovy Duo takes a bold foray into this arena with not only an aesthetically pleasing product, but does so by embracing one of the most fundamental components of music: stereo separation. With the ability to distance these modules 10-15 feet apart from each other in the open air, the spacious, rich stereo sound will fill a room. Granted the bass is still lacking, but the Groovy Duo equalization application (for Android devices) does address that to some extent. Note that any 3rd party equalizer or music player will suffice.


Groovy Duo Wireless Speaker Conclusion

The Groovy Duo’s performance was much more then adequate concerning frequency response. When using an equalizer it is possible to dial in some decent sound (trimming down the midrange while extending the bass about 85%). The spacious stereo sound granted far exceeded the need for additional bass at nominal levels, but remember we are only talking about 6 watts RMS total here. As far as battery life versus recharge time is concerned, it is relatively so close as advertised, there is no complaints.

A level of high-tech sophistication combined with an understated look of the modules speak for themselves. The color-coded flashing status indicator adds a special touch that it is worth mentioning again. As far as physical construction goes, these modules are pretty tough and heavy. The black metal mesh that surrounds the driver and battery is stiff and non-resilient, adding to strength and durability.

Once everything is paired up (in the correct order), the speakers work properly as advertised. The major caveat encountered was if one module is accidentally drained of power re-pairing with it’s twin is necessary. Another note, is when powering them up from sleep they both have to be turned on simultaneously or only one speaker will be found. Despite these niggling issues, the controls do not feel cheap and are intuitive to use.

As far as overall value is concerned, this product definitely offers it’s own distinct sound quality (due to the stereo separation factor) and is available online for $97.40 (Amazon). If stereo sound is not important, there are equivalent Bluetooth speaker modules for less.


+ Spacious stereo that sounds decent placed in open air.
+ Solidly constructed with an elegant and simplistic look.
+ Controls are well thought out for accessibility.
+ Dedicated Android application adds further sound enhancements.


– Proper initial pairing between modules could have been an easier process.
– A 1/2″ larger driver for better frequency response (at the cost of battery life) would benefit future iterations immensely.


  • Performance: 7.0
  • Appearance:  9.0
  • Construction: 8.0
  • Functionality: 7.0
  • Value:          7.0

Final Score: 7.5 out of 10.

COMMENT QUESTION: How important is stereo vs. mono in a Bluetooth speaker to you?


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