LUXA2 Groovy Duo Wireless Speaker Review


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LUXA2 Groovy Duo: Closer Look

The Groovy Duo came in a very conservative box that was packed in such a way to ensure no shock could damage any of the speaker modules. All of the accessories came tucked away in their own compartment at the bottom of the package.


Here the Duo is shown all powered up and synched for stereo sound. These speaker modules work a little different since they need to be initially paired with each other first before one can use them in stereo (more of this covered in the next section).


The speaker modules themselves are quite heavy for only having a 3″ driver in them; however, this is 3 watts RMS, so that is to be expected. A matt-black metal-mesh screen wraps the front, sides, and back, while very tough, heavy plastic encapsulates the top and bottom. The bottom is sealed completely with a hardy rubber ring-type gasket. On top four solid buttons (that depress with a firm click becoming flush with the body) present the features of volume control, play, pause, and Bluetooth pairing. The LED square flashes between the primary colors to indicate status of pairing, power, and Bluetooth signal type.

duo_front duo_top

The small accessory box provided a nylon mesh bag for toting, a stereo to dual mono adapter (in case Bluetooth is not an option or one prefers to go wired), the USB to twin micro USB power adapters, and a small manual written in many languages to explain the pairing process.

duo_bag duo_accessory
duo_stereo-jax duo_power

The Groovy Duo speaker modules are very well constructed and solid. All of the buttons were firm with positive tactile feedback; furthermore, they are designed in a way to prevent picking up fingerprints or showing dirt easily.


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