ROCCAT Apuri Active USB Hub Review


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ROCCAT Apuri Active USB Hub with Mouse Bungee Closer Look

The ROCCAT Apuri is truly a unique device. Think about it. Many of us have more USB devices than available USB ports, so we run out and get a USB hub. We have also become disenchanted with the way in which our mice cords get hung up while in use, so we get one of those as well. Now, we have two separate accessories/devices on our desk, which just adds to the clutter that is already there. The ROCCAT Apuri eliminates this problem.


Here is what you are going to pull out of the box once you purchase the ROCCAT Apuri; the Apuri (of course), an AC adapter that is 1.5m in length, a USB cable that is also 1.5m in length, and the Quick Installation Guide.


This top-down view (above) of the ROCCAT Apuri shows the channel on the mouse bungee portion of the device. The mouse bungee is made of rubber, which is quite pliable. I can’t image a mouse cord that will not be accepted by the channel on the Apuri’s mouse bungee. In fact, I inserted the thicker, rubber cord of the ROCCAT Kave XTD Stereo Headset into the channel with no issues whatsoever.


If you have ever read any of my reviews that have featured ROCCAT products, you know that I’m a big fan of this organization’s efforts in terms of branding and design. The Apuri has done nothing to sway my opinion. The ROCCAT logo on the bottom lights up and produces a subtle glow on a desk’s surface.


On the top of the USB hub portion of the ROCCAT Apuri, there are three blue lights that have a subtle blue glow as well as the ROCCAT logo in grey. There is no option to turn these lights off, nor is there an option to change the color of the lighting. This doesn’t bother me at all, but from some of the feedback I have read, it is an issue for others.


The blue glow from the ROCCAT Apuri even emanates from the two USB ports on the front and from the two USB ports on the right side of the device. As I mentioned earlier, the blue glow can be visible on the surface directly below the Apuri.


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  1. Wayne

    I’ve never been one for gimmicks and when I first clapped eyes on this thing that is exactly what I thought it was until I took a closer look at one during a computer show, this was at least 5 years ago and decided I’ll buy one because it wasn’t expensive then and it intrigued me. Needless to say I still use it to this day and love it.
    I have to agree with two points the reviewer stated, it does need better grip on the surface it stands on because it indeed slips about although I solved that problem soon after I got it with double sided tape and secondly it desperately needs updating to the USB 3.0 standard, something I can do nothing about.

  2. Johnniedoo

    Ditto to Wayne’s thoughts on the 2 missing elements to make this perfect
    I thank you for the simile like a scorpion. I do not think i would have made the connection-but that is exactly the critter in form , at least
    I believe your review made a customer out of me. I really like the concept and do not do much looking anymore for usb hubs. have a mess of them-but not like this
    Thanks again

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