ROCCAT Apuri Active USB Hub Review


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ROCCAT Apuri Active USB Hub Review

By Greg Schepers

Manufacturer: ROCCAT GmbH
Product Name: ROCCAT Apuri Active USB Hub with Mouse Bungee
Model Number: ROC-15-315-AM
UPC: 4250288153158
Price As Tested: $35.11 (Amazon Newegg)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by ROCCAT.

As if we did not already have enough to appreciate in terms of the number of quality gaming peripherals that ROCCAT has been making available to us recently, we can be thankful that this organization has also been placing focus on providing us with accessories to complement the aforementioned gaming peripherals. One of the more intriguing of these accessories, the ROCCAT Apuri Active USB Hub with Mouse Bungee, is in the Benchmark Reviews spotlight today. ROCCAT calls the Apuri the, “first component of the ROCCAT Smart Desktop Management System (SDMS) offer[ing] you the perfect combination of style of functionality right there on your desktop.” That certainly sounds like a compelling piece of gaming equipment. I invite you to read on in order to get our thoughts on this device.


Most gaming accessories are there in order to serve as a complement to our more valuable gaming assets. Considering the features and specifications of the ROCCAT Apuri, there is no doubt that it not only serves in the complementary capacity, but an argument can be made that it also can serve as more than just a sidekick, a sidekick plus one if you will… and a cool looking sidekick at that! If we are basing sidekicks on appearances, Batman can have Robin; I’ll take my Apuri that looks like a glowing scorpion on steroids that is ready to strike. Check out the features and specs below:

Headset Features

    AC adapter and 4 fully powered ports
    guarantees unrestricted movement
    for device and cable management
    connect any USB device so it’s within reach
    thanks to the supplied USB cable
    with ROCCAT-style blue glow
    organize your desktop

Technical Specifications

  • 4 high-speed USB 2.0 ports
  • Output power active (using AC adapter): 2A
  • Output power passive (using USB cable): 500mA
  • Length of USB cable: 1.5m
  • Length of power cable: 1.5m
  • Detachable Mouse bungee
  • 3 LEDs (top) + underlighting
  • Stable tripod design


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  1. Wayne

    I’ve never been one for gimmicks and when I first clapped eyes on this thing that is exactly what I thought it was until I took a closer look at one during a computer show, this was at least 5 years ago and decided I’ll buy one because it wasn’t expensive then and it intrigued me. Needless to say I still use it to this day and love it.
    I have to agree with two points the reviewer stated, it does need better grip on the surface it stands on because it indeed slips about although I solved that problem soon after I got it with double sided tape and secondly it desperately needs updating to the USB 3.0 standard, something I can do nothing about.

  2. Johnniedoo

    Ditto to Wayne’s thoughts on the 2 missing elements to make this perfect
    I thank you for the simile like a scorpion. I do not think i would have made the connection-but that is exactly the critter in form , at least
    I believe your review made a customer out of me. I really like the concept and do not do much looking anymore for usb hubs. have a mess of them-but not like this
    Thanks again

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