ASUS X99-A Intel Motherboard Review


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Motherboard Bundled Software

ASUS includes “the usual suspects” in their software bundle: an antivirus program, a virtual DVD mounter, a skinned version of CPU-Z, and so forth. But the star of the show remains AI Suite 3, an array of monitoring, tweaking, and overclocking utilities bundled together into a single application.

When you start AI Suite 3, the first thing you’ll see is this panel that’s familiar to anyone who’s owned a recent ASUS mobo:


This panel provides buttons for configuring the nine major sections of AI Suite 3:

Dual Intelligent Processors lets you manually or automatically adjust the TPU and EPU performance and power-saving micro controllers, as well as automatically optimizing overall performance, power, noise, and cooling of the system. I’ll investigate this capability in more detail in the Overclocking section.

AI Charger + provides fast charging for iPhones, iPods, and iPads


EZ Update checks in with ASUS’ servers periodically for software updates


USB BIOS Flashback keeps a current BIOS image on a connected USB drive (checking ASUS servers periodically for updates), available to update your system at any time.


Enhanced USB 3.0 performance comes in two varieties with USB 3.0 Boost: for devices that support UASP (USB Attached SCSI) protocol, and for devices that don’t. The system will automatically detect which type of device is inserted and do the right thing.


More software in the next section…


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