ASUS X99-A Intel Motherboard Review


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 X99 BIOS Continued

The Tools section of the advanced BIOS interface is where you’ll find the ability to store and recall overclocking profiles and flash a new BIOS that you’ve downloaded.


A new feature in the Tool section, first seen in the X99-DELUXE motherboard, is the GPU Post feature. This section shows you each installed GPU and how many PCI-E lanes it’s using. It’s also where you define the behavior of the fourth PCI-E X16 slot– the one you’d use for a third card in a triple-GPU system– if you’re using an m.2 SSD. You can choose to either devote some lanes to the m.2, and run this slot with only four lanes (x4 mode), or to disable the m.2 feature and run the slot with 8 lanes (x8).


The Boot section is more elaborate than you’d suppose: in addition to choosing the boot device– which you can, after all, easily do from the EZ Mode home screen– you can also determine a variety of system initialization parameters, such as the type of USB and SATA support you have during the boot process, how the system behaves after a power loss, and so forth.


ASUS retains their Favorites feature in the X99-A BIOS. This section stores quick links to the settings you use the most, so you can easily reach them with a single click, without having to navigate the admittedly complex hierarchy of the Advanced section to get to them.


However, sadly, the new “interface” to the Favorites section is retained in this motherboard. In ASUS’ original implementation, a single key stroke added the currently selected item to the Favorites list. Now, you have to navigate a tree-selector to choose the items you want to have in the list.


Once you’ve made all the changes you want, pressing F10 to save them first shows you this handy list of everything you’ve changed.


In the next section I’ll take a look at ASUS’ AI Suite 3 utility.


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