AMD FX-9590 AM3+ Processor Performance Review


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Closer Look: AMD FX-9590

The AMD FX-9590 CPU sits on top of the FX lineup of CPUs. As such, it touts the highest clock speeds of all of AMD’s FX series CPUs. The FX-9590 runs at 4.7GHz out of the box and has a maximum turbo clock speed of a massive 5GHz. The FX-9590 is, of course, a black edition CPU, so there may even be a little more headroom in there. This is especially true considering the fact that the CPU has been out for a while now and yields are certain to be higher and more stable.

AMD_FX_8370_8370E The main difference in the FX-9000 series CPUs over the FX-8000 series CPUs is the RAM support. The FX-9590 and the FX-9370 support DDR3 RAM with speeds up to 2133MHz on a 990FX motherboard. The FX-8370 and the other FX-8000 series CPUs only support DDR3 RAM up to 1866MHz. You would undoubtedly be able to overclock your RAM using the FX-8000 series, but the higher native support sets the FX-9590 and FX-9370 a little apart from the rest of the series.

AMD_FX_8370_8370E_BacksConsidering the fact that the FX-8370, with a 4GHz clock speed, was recently released with an MSRP of $199, the price drop of the FX-9590 to $229 represents an excellent price point in my opinion. For only $30, the FX-9590 comes with the higher RAM support speed and 700MHz of extra oomph. Of course, you are looking at drawing about 95W more power with the FX-9590. The higher end FX-9000 series CPUs have a TDP of 220W, compared the 125W of the FX-8370 CPU. For that matter, the FX-8370E CPU, which demonstrated excellent overclocking capability and performance, sips a measly 95W of power.

AMD_FX_PIBOf course, it is my opinion that the customers who will be most interested in the FX-9590 probably won’t be as concerned about taking it easy in terms of power usage. AMD recommends using the FX-9590 with the high-end Radeon R9-290X series of video cards, which tend to suck up a lot of power as well. I know that, for me personally, if I’m going to go all out for my gaming rig, I’m not going to let 95 extra Watts of power to deter me.

Processor Model TDP CPUCores CPU Clock(Max/Base) MaxDDR3 SEP ($USD) Approximate Price Change ($USD)
FX-9590 FD9590FHHKWOX 220W 8 4.7GHz/5.0GHz DDR3-2133 $290 -$86
FX-9590 FD9590FHHKBOF 220W 8 4.7GHz/5.0GHz DDR3-2133 $226 -$86
FX-9370 FD9370FHHKWOX 220W 8 4.3GHz/4.7GHz DDR3-2133 $273 -$21
FX-9370 FD9370FHHKBOF 220W 8 4.3GHz/4.7GHz DDR3-2133 $210 -$20
FX-8370 FD8370FRW8KHK 125W 8 4.3GHz/4.0GHz DDR3-1866 $199 NEW
FX-8370E FD837EWMW8KHK 95W 8 4.3GHz/3.3GHz DDR3-1866 $199 NEW
FX-8350 FD8350FRW8KHK 125W 8 4.2GHz/4.0GHz DDR3-1866 $178 -$19
FX-8320 FD8320FRW8KHK 125W 8 4.0GHz/3.5GHz DDR3-1866 $147 -$11
FX-8320E FD832EWMW8KHK 95W 8 4.0GHz/3.2GHz DDR3-1866 $147 NEW

So how do these processors stack up? Let’s find out.


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  1. hans meiser

    “, the FX-9590 can’t keep up, or even come close, to the single core, hyper-threaded score of the i5-4670; even at 4.7GHz”

    The i5 4670 does not have hyper-threading.

    1. Amet

      AMD can´t beat Intel in 1-4 threads Benchs and applications, but using over 4 cores/threads, AMD can win, i always question why never uses the last estable AIDA64 to bench, looks like everybody wants Intel win, but, the reallity, if every application uses more than 4 threads efficiently an 8-Core FXs can be compared to i7 and 6-core FXs can be compared to i5, im waiting for 6-8-12 thread Direct X12 support, like Mantle you will see a good boost for 6-8 Core AMD Processors in graphics

      Happy Rest of Day

  2. EricE

    Single thread performance? I game and the vast majority of games performance hinges on single thread performance. Multi-CPU performanc is still, sadly, mostly relevant to benchmarks only 🙁

    Since I buy my PC’s to game i would really like to see single thread benchmarks included. Especially when overclocking, since with fewer cores fully engaged the CPUs should have more headroom for overclocking.

  3. ChrisC

    “…the i5 still pulls out a win in the work suite.”

    3193 > 3175. Are there other factors you’re considering or something?

    1. Wasp

      Reality apparently wasn’t considered. Maybe the Author could man up and make the correction, even if it does mean the “Intel” processor lost all three of those tests, lol :tear:

      1. Hank Tolman

        I meant that it beat the 8370 and 8370E, but it is definitely worded incorrectly. Thanks for the heads up.

        1. Evan

          You acknowledged that it was worded incorrectly, yet you still did not correct it…

  4. skmanu

    A couple of things to take into considerations:

    – The 9590 is a factory highly overclocked 8350/8370 and doesn’t have more than 5/10% OC headroom, unless you use some kind of exotic/expensive cooling. It would have been smarter to compare it to a 4670k at 4.4/4.5GHz.

    – when you buy a system, does only the CPU price count? Maybe you need to buy a motherboard, a psu, and a cooler… owners of 8 cores FX’s, like me, know what I am talking about… Sabertooth 990FX: $160. 750w quality PSU: $70. AIO LC: $100.

    The intel plaform now… Asrock pro3: $100. 600w quality PSU: $50. 212Evo: $30. One could build a 4790k platform for the same price as a FX 9590 one.

    I have both, and they both cost me the same.

    1. Itsthinking

      I’d rather have an 8350 and trade out that evo for a h100i, oh wait I did 😛 4.9ghz@ 1.23 volts =win (the evo did well but the temps weren’t nearly as good.

  5. Joseph

    AMD …as I have continue to state(TO…THEM..directly)—NEEDS to get a motherboard..out that supports DDR4—period! THIS….dogging around by them,is a major turn-off…to me. WHY—invest in “older” technology …that;in and of itself,makes absolutely no sense to me.

  6. Greg

    A year and a half later…FX-9590 ran at 4.7Ghz/5Ghz turbo for 3 months, underclocked at 4.5Ghz/4.7Ghz turbo for 12 months, and the last 3 months it’s been having issues to the point that it runs at 50C with four cores disabled and 11x multiplier (2200Hz). I’ve been through 1 Corsair h100i, three Antec Kuhler 1250’s, 7 types of thermal compounds, but I think it’s at the end of its life. I unfortunately downgraded to an FX-9370. I’m looking forward to a whole new motherboard, CPU, and DDR next time out.

  7. Will

    Am I going crazy or that whoever wrote this page kinda make a model number error/ misspelled a character.
    what it says : FX-9590 FD9590FHHKWOX 220W 8 4.7GHz/5.0GHz DDR3-2133 $290 -$86
    FX-9590 FD9590FHHKBOF 220W 8 4.7GHz/5.0GHz DDR3-2133 $226 -$86
    There is no model ending with “BOF” Its supposed to end in “WOF” that had me confused. The only difference between “WOX” and “WOF” is that WOX is the model with water cooling kit included in the box, that’s it. Or maybe he was trying to find the OEM/ Tray model number, it’s “FD9590FHW8KHK”.So can the editor/creator of this page fix that please.

    1. Olin Coles

      Oh no? Here’s the FD9590FHHKBOF sold online: http://amzn.to/1Jrv2dW

  8. kamal saini

    Fx 9590 never beat intel i7 soo

    1. Misha

      thats because the only i7s that can beat it are $200 more

  9. concepcion woods

    Timely discussion , I am thankful for the specifics – Does anyone know if my business can find a blank Alabama bit v form copy to edit ?

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