Shooting Target Impact Signal System Bullet Hit Sensor Review


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TISS-III Detailed Features

The strobe flash unit on Target Impact Signal System III is comprised of a Bolt VS-210 Mini On-Camera Flash ($39.99 Amazon). VS-210 features a Guide Number (GN) strength of 72ft (22m) @ 100 ISO, which the manufacturer rates as visible to 1400 meters (1531 yards). Flash duration is between 1/2000~1/40,000 of one second, depending on the selected power setting. Shooters wanting to improve flash strobe visibility have some options available to them, since this system uses relatively standard components. At the back of the VS-210 flash that comes with the TISS-III kit is a 2.5mm off-camera sync socket, which is a requirement for replacement flash modules.


The VS-210 flash utilizes two AA batteries, and can accept standard Alkaline, or rechargeable Nickel-metal Hydride and Lithium battery types. Alkaline batteries are good for up to 100 flashes, and Nickel-metal Hydride and Lithium batteries may offer extended use.

The flash offers three power modes, numbered 1-2-3. Position 1 will provide a maximum discharge flash every 15 seconds, and is ideal for bright daylight settings with long delays between flashes. Position 2 delivers multiple brief flash discharges, and is ideal for rapid or repeated impacts. Position 3 can provide a single short flash discharge approximately every 2 seconds, and is ideal for fast-paced impact signaling.


The DK8-002 target box bullet-strike sensor unit is a custom device manufactured by Equu-Pulse Company, and contains a simple vibration sensor (shake sensor) attached to a female 2.5mm plug receptacle and embedded in solid epoxy. Incredibly simple by design, yet extremely effective and unlikely to ever fail under normal use.

The epoxy-filled Target Box is made of extremely durable construction, practically formed solid, yet remains sensitive enough to trigger the flash strobe with just a slight tap on the housing.


Equu-Pulse offers several related accessories for their Target Impact Signal Systems, including additional Target Box sensors and cable splitters. Some of the items are proprietary while others are off-the-shelf, so it benefits you to shop around.


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  1. Paul D. Mahaffy

    Seeking additional information and inclement weather sealing on two systems. Range is 600-yards.

    Thank you –

    Paul D. Mahaffy
    Northern Alleghney Ordnance
    PO Box 654, 1165 Egypt Hollow Road
    Warren, PA 16365

    1. Olin Coles

      Hello: thank you for the comment. Please understand that I only evaluated the product; I do not manufacturer or sell the Target Impact Signal System. That being said, I’ve crafted a few components myself, and would suggest an epoxy to seal the system. Alternatively, you can also use a silicon-based sealer or gasket gel.

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