Stock Upgrade: Cooler Master Hyper D92 CPU Cooler


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Testing & Results

Testing Methodology

The CPU tested was mounted in an Antec 900 case. The case was in it’s normal upright orientation and case doors were fully closed during testing. There are two 120mm front intake fans, one side mounted 120mm fan, one 120mm exhaust fan, and one 200mm top fan.

All fan rpms were set to medium on their selector switches, which is roughly 75% power. The only exception is the back exhaust fan set to 50%. BIOS controlled CPU fans were set to 50% minimum speed with a target temp of 60°C. Settings were left the same for both coolers while testing was done. AMD Cool and Quiet was disabled for all testing.

CPU cooler prep included cleaning and preping the CPU coolers with the same TIM that was included with Hyper D92. Even the stock cooler was re-installed with fresh TIM applying roughly the same amount of TIM for both coolers.

Testing was performed with AIDA64 Engineer software using their stability test application, which generates 100% CPU usage during the entire test run. The stability test was run until CPU temperatures had plateaued, then began to record ambient air temperature and CPU temperatures over the next minute. I then shutdown the PC completely and turned it back on after a minute or so and ran the test 3 times in total.

After swapping and running the test 3 times in the exact same way with the Hyper D92, I took the results of the CPU temperatures and discarded the highest and lowest temperature results and subtracted that result from the ambient room temperature.

The Asus HD 4870 was left installed and running with fans set to a static 35% to keep any variance from the GPU out of the equation, but also it is a true measurement of a case and all of it’s components installed in the same manner anyone uses their computer on a daily basis.

Ambient room temperatures where measured in degrees Celsius using a thermometer with decimal point accuracy.

Test System

  • Processor: AMD Phenom II x2 555 @ 3.5GHz 1.4 vCore
  • Motherboard: MSI 870-G45
  • RAM: Crucial Ballistix 4GB(2×2) DDR3 1600 CL8
  • Audio: Onboard
  • Video: Asus HD4870 1GB
  • PSU: OCZ ModXstream 700 watt
  • Case: Antec 900 gaming
  • Operating System: Windows 7 64bit Ultimate Edition SP1
  • Disk Drive: WD Black 750GB SATA2
  • Monitor: Acer X223W 1680×1050 60Hz



I think this is a rather unfair comparison, but it bares showing just how good aftermarket CPU coolers can be when compared to stock heatsink units. Given that the conditions of the test were the same for both coolers the numbers are as honest as they can get.

The Cooler Master Hyper D92 was a full 16.5°C better than the AMD stock cooler! This is a huge improvement, and it wasn’t entirely expected on my part to see that huge of a difference.


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