Stock Upgrade: Cooler Master Hyper D92 CPU Cooler


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Closer Look: Cooler Master Hyper D92

As mentioned on the previous page, the Hyper D92 is the replacement for the Hyper N520. The Hyper D92 offers more performance and higher compatibility than the Hyper N520, for around the same price. The Hyper D92 comes with two 92mm fans, updated aesthetics, and direct contact heat pipe technology.

The Hyper D92 is compatible with Intel sockets: LGA 2011-3/2011/1366/1156/1155/1150/775. AMD socket compatibility includes: FM2+/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2. The Hyper D92 fits a nice gambit of current and older sockets that many will surely find useful when it comes to selecting a new cooler or wanting to upgrade from a stock heatsink unit.


Here is a look at all the parts that come with the Hyper D92. There are backing plates for Intel and AMD sockets, 4-pin PWM Y-cable adapter for your CPU fan headers, as well as all the fittings for various sockets and mounting options. Also included is a tube of Cooler Master TIM (thermal interface material).

There is also an installation guide and warranty information pamphlets included (not pictured). Cooler Master provides a two-year limited warranty for the Hyper D92.


One of the key changes from the Hyper N520 is the 4 direct contact heat pipes in the Hyper D92 that offer higher efficiency and better dissipation than a general metal base. Cooler Master claims a 10% improvement over the Hyper N520 with the new design features in the Hyper D92. This has become a pretty standard feature on Cooler Master coolers.

The mounting design for the Hyper D92 differs from the Hyper N520. The new design allows for more CPU socket compatibility, as well as higher clearance for RAM. The Hyper D92 can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal orientation, which gives you flexibility and helps with compatibility with various computer cases.


The Hyper D92 features two 92mm fans mounted in an offset push-pull configuration. This configuration allows more airflow to pass through the heat sink efficiently, while keeping the fans smaller. The fans are mounted with plastic clips, and the fans themselves are secured to the clips with standard fan mount screws. The clips also have rubber padding adhered to the backside of them to dampen vibration. Both fans come with 4-pin PWM cables that can plug directly into your CPU fan header on your motherboard, or by using the supplied 4-pin Y-cable if you do not have 2 available CPU fan headers on your motherboard.


The Hyper D92 features high density aluminum fins for better thermal distribution. I find the design to look very similar to the Hyper N520 and doesn’t appear to have undergone any major changes to the fin arrangement.


The top of the Hyper D92 gets an aesthetic change with a stylish cage with the Cooler Master logo printed on the top. This cage can be taken off by removing the 2 screws on either corner of the cooler. It also gives the top of the Hyper D92 some protection as the cage is somewhat sturdy and doesn’t flex nearly as easily as the fins on the cooler can.

For those adventurous types that like to customize their PC’s, being able to remove the cage allows for custom mods or paint jobs. Keep in mind modifications might default your warranty!


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