Corsair Vengeance K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


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Closer Look: Corsair Vengeance K70

Now we’re going to get into the heart of this review. In this section we look at and talk about the visual aesthetics of the Corsair Vengeance K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard.


The Vengeance K70 is a full size keyboard measuring 436mm x 165mm x 38mm (without wrist rest). The top surface is made from brushed anodized aluminum while the rest of the shell is made from good old plastic. The end result is an overall weight of 1.2kg (without wrist rest).


The look and feel of the Vengeance K70 is enhanced greatly by the detachable wrist rest shown above. I say wrist rest because that is how Corsair refer to it, maybe if you are very young or have tiny hands it’s a wrist rest. My large man hands mean that it is more of a palm rest than a wrist rest because my wrists are actually resting on my desk as I game (minor niggle). The white type on the black keys stands out nicely and can be seen well in low light conditions too. There is a nice design feature to these keys that we will look at later which means the letters on the keys won’t wear out over time.


The above image shows how the wrist rest attaches to the keyboard body, allowing for movement when you use the height adjusting feet. In addition to the traditional back height adjusting feet, the Vengeance K70 also features front height adjusting feet. Finding the right comfort zone for your particular gaming style won’t be an issue with this keyboard. The rubber pads in the corners of the keyboard and edge of the wrist rest do a great job of keeping the keyboard in place. However, with all the feet retracted you will find quite the opposite is the case, and the keyboard moves more freely than Mr Snowdon with an official pardon.


The keys feature a nice contour for more comfortable and ergonomic usage. The Vengeance mechanical keyboards from corsair all feature the same unique style where the keys don’t sit within the shell, Instead they sit ‘on’ the top plate. Apart from aesthetical value this also will allow for a much easier and thorough cleaning as and when the time comes.


One benefit of a mechanical switch keyboard is removable/swappable key caps. Below the key cap we see a Cherry MX Red mechanical switch with built in LED. The Key caps used on the Vengeance K70 keyboard start out as translucent white plastic which is then coated before the type facer is laser etched out. This design should ensure that the letters on the keys won’t simply fade out or rub off due to prolonged use.


For extra eCool points, or for ease of access, users can swap out the standard WASD and 1~6 key caps for these uber stylish red contoured and textured key caps that also ship with the Vengeance K70 Mechanical Keyboard.


The Vengeance K70 features a full host of LED backlit keys. Thanks to the countersunk design of the Vengeance mechanical keyboards, the back lighting of the keys also gives an ambient glow on the top surface of the keyboard body. There are four illumination settings: Starting with off, followed by 66%, 75%, and finally 100%. The illumination of the keys is so vibrant and it is very difficult to accurately replicate this with my camera. The LED’s are a very deep (650nm) red that show no signs of pinking at all.


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