AMD FX-8370E AM3+ Processor Performance Review


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PCMark 8 Benchmark

PCMark 8 is designed to be an extremely realistic benchmark that takes actual tasks that are commonly used in different environments and testing them, then compiling the results and assigning a score. During the PCMark 8 tests, worksheets and documents are opened, edited, and saved. Music and videos are played. Video conferencing is simulated. An internet browser is opened and runs through a series of pages and requests. The tests cover the gamut of tasks that are commonly associated with home use, work use, and creativity based usage.


One of the advantages that the AMD processors had in this particular test was their ability to use the R9-280X GPU and OpenCL to help out. This is, in part, the very beginnings of what AMD envisions in their heterogeneous compute future. Whether that is the sole reason that the AMD FX-8370 and FX-8370E outpace the i5-4670 in the home and creative suites is up for interpretation. Even with the OpenCL support, the i5 still pulls out a win in the work suite.


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