AMD FX-8370E AM3+ Processor Performance Review


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SiSoft Sandra 2014 Benchmark

SiSoftware Sandra is a 32- and 64-bit client/server Windows system analyzer that includes benchmarking, testing and listing modules. It tries to go beyond other utilities to show you more of what is really going on under the hood so you draw comparisons at both a high and low-level in a single product. You can get information about the CPU, GPGPU, chipset, video adapter (GPU), ports, printers, sound card, memory, network, Windows internals even .NET and Java.


The above tests show CPU bandwidth in GB/s for each of the associated tasks. The results of these tests were quite interesting. I would expect to see an increase in bandwidth on par with the increase in clock speed of the AMD processors. That doesn’t appear to be the case, however. I ran the tests over and over again trying to understand why the FX-9590 scores so poorly in the Encryption and Hash tests.

I still am not sure why this is the case, but in any event, the FX-8370E and FX-8370 processors do score quite closely to the Intel i5-4670. It is difficult to pick out a winner here, due to the fluctuations, but they all perform quite closely.


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