Corsair HX750i Power Supply Review

Corsair HX750i Power Supply Review

The Corsair HX750i 750W power supply is 80 Plus Platinum rated, which means it is offering up to a 92% efficient use of power. Corsair has built the HX750i with all Japanese capacitors and a cooling system that features a fluid dynamic bearing. The fan on the HX750i PSU is setup to run in a fanless mode during times of low demand, then once the temperature reaches a certain threshold, the fan will turn on to keep the PSU cool. Corsair has designed the HX750i with a single 12 volt rail for use with high end CPUs and GPUs that can provide up to 62.5A of power for a total of 750W. The power supply also has a full suite of power protection circuits to keep the PSU and your other components safe. The fully modular design features a full set of flexible flat cables that will allow easy routing in a case. In addition, you get a 7 year warranty with the HX750i PSU… at HiTechLegion

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