ASUS X99-DELUXE Motherboard Preview


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ASUS X99 Motherboard Summary

Benchmark Reviews will be providing a performance and bundled software review of this motherboard in the near future. Based on my limited time with this motherboard, though, I do have some thoughts.

• I fully expect this system, equipped with 16GB of Corsair DDR4 memory and Intel’s top Core i7-5960X CPU, to be the fastest system I’ve ever tested…at least on benchmarks that use more than four cores. If you’re doing work that can benefit from all those cores, this is great, because the only way to get an 8-core Intel system before was to buy a Xeon processor, which are not only much more expensive than Intel’s consumer CPUs, but are not overclockable.


• ASUS has waited for the X99 chipset to bring LGA2011 system feature parity up to the level of its high-end LGA1150 boards, and this is probably a good thing.

• ASUS has continued tweaking their feature set. For example, while both X79 and X99 have onboard fan controllers, the X99 supports both PWN and 3-pin fans, while the X79 could only control PWM fans. And the ability to control the allocation of PCI-E lanes between graphics cards and an m.2 SSD is a nice touch.

• Like the earlier X79-based LGA2011 systems, the X99-DELUXE is a premium product for users with a real need for computational horsepower and money to burn.

I look forward to more extensive testing of this system!

COMMENT QUESTION: Who makes the best motherboards, in your opinion?



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  1. ouanas

    i think the besst brands are 1st gigabyte 2nd asrock 3 asus

  2. Maddogg

    The best motherboard by far is made by Asus.I have used these boards for a long time and never had any problems whatsoever.

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