ASUS X99-DELUXE Motherboard Preview


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X99 BIOS Continued

The Tool section includes the EZ Flash utility, which can read a new BIOS file from any storage device– including USB sticks– attached to the system.


This is also where you can store your overclocking profiles. If you think you’ve got a really good one, you can save it to a removable storage device and send it to anyone who has this motherboard. You’re limited, however, in the number of characters you can use to label the profiles.


As with the Z97 boards, ASUS has changed the behavior of the My Favorites feature, which provides quick links to any setting in the BIOS. Previously, pressing a function key while you were in the setting you wanted to save was all you had to do. Now, you must go to Advanced mode, press F3, and then navigate this “tree map” to assign the settings you want to the My Favorites page. I liked the old way better.


A new feature in the X99-DELUXE BIOS is the oddly-named GPU Post screen. This shows each GPU in your system and how many PCI-E lanes it’s using. This is the kind of welcome innovation I’ve come to expect from ASUS.


When you press F10 to save changes, you’ll see a very handy list of all the settings you’ve changed in this session, so you’ll know exactly what’s going to happen when you click “OK”. This remains one of my very favorite BIOS features.


In the next section I’ll summarize my preliminary impressions of this motherboard.


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  1. ouanas

    i think the besst brands are 1st gigabyte 2nd asrock 3 asus

  2. Maddogg

    The best motherboard by far is made by Asus.I have used these boards for a long time and never had any problems whatsoever.

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