Icy Dock ICYCube 4-Bay External Enclosure Review

Icy Dock ICYCube 4-Bay External Enclosure Review

The Icy Dock ICYCube is a 4-bay enclosure that has support for both 2.5” and 3.5” drives, so you can mix different drive sizes. The ICYCube uses high quality aluminum for housing the drive and has a variable speed 80mm fan on the rear of the casing. The fan can be removed and has three modes, auto, low, and high, so you can adjust your cooling needs and balance noise. The power supply for the ICYCube is built into the casing so you don’t need to have a giant power brick taking up space around your desk area and it uses a standard plug. For connecting the enclosure to your computer, you have the flexibility of using USB 3.0 or eSATA. The USB 3.0 offers maximum speeds up to 5Gbps while the eSATA offers speeds of up to 6Gbps… at HiTechLegion

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