ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review


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ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro Keyboard Software

What are we looking for when it comes to the software for our new keyboard? Customization certainly comes to mind. We want to be able to adjust the backlighting, record macros, create profiles, and so on and so forth. Another important characteristic of the GUI is that it remains relatively easy to navigate. I almost typed “simple,” but I’m not sure that would be accurate, considering all of the features that the ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro has in its arsenal.


Before giving an overview of the MAIN CONTROL page above, Let me point out that the bottom quarter of each page in the GUI will provide you with access to the GAME PROFILES. So, from where you see GAME PROFILES to the bottom of the page, that will appear the same no matter what main tab is highlighted.

The MAIN CONTROL page provides the ability to manipulate a number of different features. For example, you can disable the Easy-Shift[+] functionality and utilize the standard caps lock key instead. Also, you can make a number of illumination adjustments.


The KEY ASSIGNMENT tab is where you go to assign not only the primary functions, but also the secondary functions to any of the keys on the ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro. The process is pretty simple; click on the key you want to manipulate and select the primary and secondary functions from the drop down.


One of the features that ROCCAT really features when presenting the keyboard is the illumination. I’m sure people have spent hours customizing their lighting configuration. As you can see, you can choose from some lighting effects, you can turn individual key backlighting off and on, you can light up or shut off pre-defined light groups, and so on.


Under the ROCCAT R.A.D. tab, you will find statistics. The statistics include the total key strokes that you’ve made, the number of times you’ve hit the WASD keys, the thumb-buttons, the Easy-Shift[+] key, multi-media keys, the M keys, the number of times you’ve used ROCCAT Talk, etc. There are also achievements that you can unlock. Sadly, I have not unlocked one yet.

Finally, there is an update/support tab, but there’s really nothing out of the ordinary to show on that tab. I would rather move forward with the review and let you know how the ROCCAT Ryos MK Pro performed.


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