Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Full-Tower Case Review


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Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Case Accessories

Phanteks was kind enough to send some of their optional accessories for the Enthoo Line of cases and I will be doing a small overview of each one of them in this section. I also included the accessories that originally come with the case which as you will see are really nice at this price point.


Included with the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe we find some zip ties, two extra velcro straps for the back, a pump and a cylindrical reservoir brackets, and a multi-language manual that will probably tell you more about this case than I will. The manual even goes as far as to tell you how to disassemble the case completely, if that is what you desire. The toolbox is were thing start to get ridiculous. When was the last time your case brought along a toolbox?


The reservoir bracket can be installed right next to the drive cages. When not installed you can also use this place to mount two 120 mm fans next to the drive cages. Very considerate from Phanteks to include so much support for fans, as this allow for variation within owners of this case. You can also mount a reservoir towards the back next to the expansion bays.

Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Optional Accessories

The following accessories can be found online and are compatible with the Enthoo series of cases from Phanteks with the exception of the LEDs which are only compatible with the Enthoo Luxe as of  this moment. If you want a full list of all of Phanteks products follow this link; they are not that many as Phanteks is relatively new to the market but expect that list to get pretty long.


Probably my favorite of these accessories are the waterproof multicolor LED strips that come as 1 meter or 2 meter strips, these will change colors accordingly with the rest of the LEDs of your case. Unfortunately they are only available for the Enthoo Luxe at this moment, but we do expect Phanteks to release more products that will be compatible with this unique LED setup. Currently they are priced at $19.99 (Newegg) for the 1 meter version and $24.99 (Newegg) for the 2 meter version.


So you are probably already thinking of doing a push/pull system with so many fans that you are worried about not having enough fan headers . Fortunately Phanteks also sells a PWM fan hub that is very similar to the one included with the Enthoo Luxe. The hub can be easily screwed into any of the Enthoo line of cases, but it can also be installed in any case for your convenience. The fan hub is powered by a Sata connector and is controlled by a PWM plug that leads to your motherboard, allowing you to control 6 extra fans from a single Sata connector. This very cool addition is priced at $19.99 (Newegg).

Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Pump-Placement-2 Phanteks-Enthoo-Luxe-Pump-Placement

Just when you thought the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe couldn’t get more water-cooling friendly they sent me another pump bracket. The Phanteks Enthoo Luxe does have support for both pumps at the bottom, but you will probably want to remove or cut down the size of the PSU cover as it will interfere with the tubing coming off from here. To install the brackets you will also have to remove both hard drive cages. One of the brackets is already included, but if you want the extra one it retails for $7.99 (Newegg).


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  1. Sir D


    – Shares the same chassis as the Enthoo Pro
    – Power Supply cover does not have rubber grommets for tubing”

    1: I´d like to see any other cases out there, at that price range that even have a PSU cover… (other than the NZXT H440 which doesn´t have nearly as many radiator mounting options)
    2: The interior build of the Pro proved itself to be extremely efficient and catered for a lot of enthusiast water coolers needs…. so why NOT use the same layout???

    Corsair has the same interior layout in the 750D, 760T and the 730T… haven´t heard any complaints there…

    NO “Cons” mentioned were of any value if one takes the price and the total build quality into consideration. There are other cases out thee that cost way more that are not even close to the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe. 😉


  2. SqugSCX

    Can I fit a 60mm Rad at the front of the Enthoo Luxe? I was a bit confused with your water cooling specs.

    If not a 60mm what thickness of rad can I fit?

    1. Julian Duque

      You can install as thick as you want of a radiator as long as you don’t install a 240mm radiator or a pump at the bottom near the drive cages. If you install a 280 mm radiator you might need to look into the spacing between holes as they are not elongated although the one from the luxe is standard.

  3. Addison

    But can I install a massive 240 radiator with push-pull fans at the bottom of the case and still use one of the hard drive cages?

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