BitFenix Neos Computer Case Review


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BitFenix Neos Detailed Features

Like the outside, I expect the inside to look great but have some mayor difficulties in the performance department. Looking at the exterior I noticed a lack of fan mounts and build quality, but decent aesthetics. I also noticed that the case is really slim and this will compromise features such as cable management and air cooling compatibility.


The accessories are nothing exceptional. Included are the missing expansion bay cover, a couple of zip ties for cable management and all black screws. The manual is also not astonishing and does not really provide enough information for first time builders.

‘ bitfenix-neos-front-cover

Although the front panel looks fully meshed from outside, inside I encountered a more restrictive design. The 5.25″ bays are covered by some dust proof foam that is not easily removable. Both locations that sit right on top of the 120 mm fans are also covered with the same dust proof foam. The plastic construction itself is very sturdy and we do appreciate the fact that the Neos is fully dust proof as BitFenix claims, in fact the foam does a bit of sound dampening which is a great plus, however it would have been ideal to implement an easy way to remove this foam.


Inside we find the same layout found in the BitFenix Comrade. Everything is covered in white, with the exceptions of the fan, hard drive covers and the cables which are all black. There is also the motherboard standoffs that give the BitFenix Neos support for mini-ITX, micro-ATX, and ATX motherboards. The hard drive cages are all non removable however they are very sturdy which is really surprising considering the poor construction of the side panels.


At the bottom the power supply intake can be found, which is covered at the bottom by a fine mesh filter. There are also 1/4″ metal standoffs that elevate the power supply but they are not rubberized and may scratch the bottom of your power supply.


Towards the back there is a bit more disappointment as there is a lack of cable management features that make the BitFenix Neos a hard place to work in. There is less than an inch of space and the only place to tie down cables is by using the included zip ties around the cutout holes. There is a cable hole on the top right for the 4/8-pin, a nice consideration from BitFenix.


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  1. David Shields

    You know, the moment I saw the Neos it just screamed “Rebranded Comrade!” And after reading this, I think that comment stands. The designs, both inside and out are nearly identical. The only real differences being the mesh on the front and the I/O panels.

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