Roccat ISKU FX Gaming Keyboard Review


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Gaming Keyboard Final Thoughts

ROCCAT set out to create an affordable gaming keyboard with many features gamers love like macros programming and customizable lighting. For $79.99 you won’t find a keyboard with this many features for a better price, but more hardcore gamers might prefer to pay extra for a board that is easier to use (especially for macros) and is of a high quality. The Corsair Vengeance K65 is an option that springs to mind, selling for the same price on Newegg. It’s also worth noting that the ISKU FX has the ROCCAT TALK technology, which basically allows you to program the device to different behaviors based on what might be happening in a game. For example, if you are low on health, you could set the keys to turn red.

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ROCCAT ISKU FX Gaming Keyboard Conclusion

The ISKU FX does what it sets out to do – act as a budget gaming keyboard. The lack of mechanical switches on a gaming keyboard is a pity, and gamers who prefer Cherry MX will likely choose another keyboard such as the Vengeance K65, K70, or GAMDIAS HERMES, or even ROCCAT’s own Ryos MK.

This is a good looking keyboard with an attractive design. The sole issues are the glossy plastics surrounding the keys and the poorly lit LEDs, which were much dimmer than others I’ve used. Even a $25.00 I-ROCKS keyboard was better lit than the ISKU FX.

The construction of the ISKU FX is sturdy overall, but not as sturdy as other boards in the same price range. The size is also an issue, taking up quite a large amount of desk space compared to many other keyboards. The wrist rest is not detachable, so not only can you not reduce the space it takes up but you can’t use it without it, which may be a factor for some people.

While I like the many customization options, especially in the macros department, its much more awkward to use them compared to other keyboards. In order to access the macros functions you’ll always need to press and hold another key first. Admittedly this does provide plenty of macros options at a cheaper price, but those who are looking for a more streamlined approach will likely want a board such as the GAMDIAS HERMES.

The features provided make the ISKU FX an excellent value. With customizable lighting, plenty of macros functionality, and good software, this is probably the most features you can get with any keyboard for less than $100. Note that the ISKU FX sells online for $79.99 (Amazon Newegg).

The ISKU FX is a good all around product. I think that it’s biggest flaw stems from ROCCAT trying to cram to many features into one product, which led to the design of the macros along with cutting corners in construction and lightning. If you want a gaming keyboard on a budget, buy the ISKU FX. If you want a higher quality board with easy macros access, I’d recommend looking into the Corsair Vengeance K70 or GAMDIAS HERMES.

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+ Plenty of high end features such as customizable lighting and macros.
+ Easy, intuitive programming and software.
+ Outstanding number of features provided for the price.


– Dimly lit LEDs.
– Awkward macros implementation.
– Non detachable wrist rest makes for excessively large design that may not appeal to some.
– Plastic design marks easily, not extremely sturdy.


  • Performance: 8.75
  • Appearance: 8.75
  • Construction: 8.50
  • Functionality: 8.25
  • Value: 9.50

Final Score: 8.75 out of 10.

Quality Recognition: Benchmark Reviews Silver Tachometer Award.


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