AMD A10-7800 APU Processor Review


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Cinebench is a benchmark that uses “real-world” software (it’s based on Maxon’s CINEMA 4D software, used in movies like Iron Man 3 and Prometheus) to render a scene. Results are given as a score (higher is better).


Again, the APUs are at least consistent, but they can’t quite match Intel’s offering in this CPU-heavy benchmark. If anything, these results help illustrate the efficiency improvements in Kaveri’s Steamroller CPU cores – the higher clocks of the older Trinity A10-5800K begin to show their age here (although the actual performance gap is negligible, even if power usage is not).


The open-source rendering tool Blender tells much of the same story. This benchmark renders a simple image with the result given in seconds (lower times are better here). AMD’s Steamroller CPU cores again show an efficiency improvement compared to the higher-clocked Trinity APU, but not enough to match Haswell’s superior Instructions-Per-Clock rate. This isn’t news to anyone that has payed attention through AMD’s switch to the Bulldozer/Piledriver/”module” architecture. The design was originally intended to make up for its lack in single-core performance with additional integer cores and higher frequencies; the high frequencies just never really materialized, at least not at a level to rival Intel’s Core architecture.


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  1. ALbert89

    Great review, CPU & IGPU comparison yields interesting results.

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