ROCCAT Kave XTD 5.1 Digital Headset Review


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ROCCAT Kave XTD Detailed Features

Now we’ll take a closer look at some of the detailed features that the Kave XTD has to offer! Now for the eye candy!


The Kave XTD’s microphone comes on a flexible boom that also allows you to rotate and store the microphone upright and out of the way when not in use. The flexibility was nominal and did not shift the headset during adjustment. The microphone stayed put during each gaming session. Some headsets develop a problem with the microphone staying put, usually heavy use results in this problem so only time will tell with the Kave XTD. The Kave XTD’s microphone is also removable, but is not interchangeable with other removable microphones given the RCA style connector it utilizes. 


The Kave XTD features large ear-cups that are plush, but unfortunately made of a faux leather material. I highly doubt the material will stand the test of time as it does not give off that “durable” feel that real leather does. There is ample padding on the headband, but there is no fold flat options with this headset, but then again it is not exactly designed to be portable. The blue LED indicator light on the microphone illuminates when you have the mic mute function enabled, and turns off when your mic is live. This feature is to give you a visual queue as to when you mic is listening or when you have privacy.


The in-line remote has a very nice feature of acting as an audio pass-through for your powered speakers. You could hook up speakers without any amplification, but unfortunately, you’ll be limited to the PC’s ability to transfer sound over USB and through this remote. The only way ROCCAT could have changed this would have been to require a separate power source to the remote to supply enough power to drive a set of speakers, so it’s understandable why it’s just a pass-through and not a full blown amplifier.


The ROCCAT Kave XTD’s remote has a nice interface that makes it very intuitive and easy to use. You can independently control the front, center, woofer, and rear by utilizing the Channel button located above the volume selection dial. The mute button located on the right of the remote mutes the microphone only. The volume knob, when pressed as a button, mutes everything. The pairing/answer button on the left of the remote is utilized to answer or end a call on your cell phone, and to pair the phone to the remote (hold it down for 6 seconds to enter pairing mode). It is noteworthy that when you answer your cell phone, you are not muted from your chat client, keep this in mind while gaming as you’ll be sharing your cell phone conversation with your friends.


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