Striker Capsule Task Light Review

Striker Capsule Task Light Review

By Olin Coles

Manufacturer: BISS Product Development, LLC. dba Striker Hand Tools
Product Name: Capsule Task Light
Model Number: 00235
UPC: 894717002354
Price As Tested: $24.99 (Striker Store)

Full Disclosure: The product sample used in this article has been provided by Striker Hand Tools.

Benchmark Reviews is best known for solid state drive tests, processor benchmarks, and graphics card performance comparisons. So when it comes to products that aren’t part of the desktop PC industry, we tend to look the other way. As anybody who services computers will tell you, system repairs typically require more than a fundamental knowledge of hardware performance statistics. Removing and replacing components happens a lot in our lab, which is why the product we’re focusing on today is relevant.

The Striker Capsule Task Light is a simple yet useful multipurpose device that offers four versatile methods of placement to cover all your personal lighting needs for any particular job. Comprised of four bright LumenTech LEDs that collectively produce 60 lumens of illumination, the Capsule Task Light has a dial adjustment bezel that outputs low to high depending on the situation. In this article, Benchmark Reviews shines the product spotlight (horrible pun) on the Striker Capsule Task Light.

Striker Capsule Task Light

Capsule Task Light Overview

The Striker Capsule Task Light is designed to work as a worn head lamp, magnetic task light, attached clip light, and hand held flashlight. Capsule Task Light features a 55-hour run time rating at 60 lumens output and is also water resistant, all per ANSI/NEMA FL1 standards. Available for $24.99 (Striker Store), the Capsule Task Light comes with the flashlight device, headlamp band, spring clip attachment, lanyard, magnetic base unit, and three AAA batteries.


According to BISS Product Development, the Striker Capsule Task Light utilizes LUMENTech 540 LED components. The Capsule Task Light features these specifications:

Device Outline: 5mm Round
Emitting Color: Bright White
Lens: Integrated Water Clear
Viewing Angle: 40 degrees
Lumens: 15 each LED:

  • Low setting uses 1 LED to equal a 15 Lumens output
  • High setting uses 4 LED’s to equal a 60 Lumens output


In theory, the Striker Capsule Task Light replaces the other flashlights in your tool kit. In practice, the Capsule Task Light comes very close. The “LO” setting powers-up one LED that emits 15 Lumens light output – enough for up-close inspection of detailed items while wearing it with the head band. The “HI” setting turns on all four LEDs to emit 60 Lumens total, and really lights up the area.


Aside from the rare occasion that you’ll use it as a head lamp, I found the Striker Capsule Task Light to be most beneficial as a magnetically-attached flashlight. The two magnets in the attachable base enable the Capsule Task Light to cling onto ferrous metal surfaces, such as an outdoor electrical circuit-breaker cabinet (illustrated above) or desktop computer case (shown below). Of course with a bit of imagination you can turn the Capsule Task Light into a bicycle- or bumper-mounted headlight, a bunk-mounted reading light, or a spare porch light for the RV.


Alternatively, a spring clip allows the user to attach the light to a pocket, belt, or flap. This enables the Capsule Task Light to become a uniform fixture, when holding the device or wearing it on your head aren’t convenient. When the other three hands-free options won’t work, the wrist lanyard keeps the light securely in your hand to act as a high-power flashlight.

Three AAA batteries (included) will powder the Striker Capsule Task Light on “HI” for up to 55-hours, which means you can expect it to work through the duration of your camping trip. As the white and red presentation suggests, the Capsule Task Light also works well in emergency situations, thanks to its sealed water resistance. Benchmark Reviews has shared a few practical uses for the Capsule Task Light in this product preview, but what special purpose would you use if for?

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  1. JackNaylorPE

    Only one thing missing which would prevent me from grabbing a bunch of these for employee gifts, stocking stuffers , etc. …. a nice little tie string bag or pouch to keep all the goodies in, including a pouch for spare set of batteries.

    One for the glove compartment
    One for my PC Tool Box
    One for my Car Tool Box (mag mount under hood)
    Several at key points in the house for blackouts (kitchen, bath, each bedroom)
    Nice idea on the lanyard as pain to set a tool down and switch back and forth

    Well designed but with a glaring omission.

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