SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSDXC Card SDSDQX Review


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ATTO Disk Benchmark Tests

The ATTO Disk Benchmark program is free, and offers a comprehensive set of test variables to work with. In terms of disk performance, it measures interface transfer rates at various intervals for a user-specified length and then reports read and write speeds for these spot-tests. There are some minor improvements made to the 2.46 version of the program that allow for test lengths up to 2GB, but all of our benchmarks are conducted with 256MB total length. ATTO Disk Benchmark requires that an active partition be set on the drive being tested. Please consider the results displayed by this benchmark to be basic bandwidth speed performance indicators.

Benchmark tests begin with the SanDisk Extreme microSDXC card, which produced peak read speeds of 94.7 MB/s  with 64KB and larger files. Write performance reached speeds of 61.4 MB/s with 64KB and larger files. Performance results are illustrated below:


ATTO Benchmark Results: SanDisk SDSDQX-064G

Next came the Transend TS32GUSDU1E microSDHC card, which performed read operations nearly as fast but faltered at matching SanDisk’s high-speed writes. Read speeds topped out at 96.5 MB/s for 128-512 KB files, while write performance peaked at 22.9 MB/s between 64-128 KB file sizes. Performance results are illustrated below:


ATTO Benchmark Results: Transcend TS32GUSDU1E

TEST SUMMARY: Just because both memory cards are given the same Class-10 and HS-1 speed ratings, does not mean they’ll perform to the same speeds. SandDisk’s Extreme series recorded much faster write transactions, with write speeds reaching 61.4 MB/s, yet the Transcend microSDHC card struggled to produce a maximum write speed of 22.9 MB/s.

Up next… final thoughts and conclusion.


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