SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSDXC Card SDSDQX Review


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AIDA64 Disk Benchmark

Many enthusiasts are familiar with the Finalwire AIDA64 benchmark suite (formerly Lavalys EVEREST), but very few are aware of the Disk Benchmark tool available inside the program. The AIDA64 Disk Benchmark performs linear read and write bandwidth tests on each drive, and can be configured to use file chunk sizes up to 1MB (which speeds up testing and minimizes jitter in the progress waveform). Because of the full sector-by-sector nature of linear testing, Benchmark Reviews endorses this method for testing solid-state products. AIDA64 Disk Benchmark does not require a partition to be present for testing, so all of our benchmarks are completed prior to drive formatting.

Using a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 adapter connected to the test system, the SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSDXC memory card produced an average read speed of 89.0 MB/s, which is near to its peak speed of 90.0 MB/s. Results are shown in the image below:

AIDA64 Read Results: SanDisk SDSDQX-064G

Test results with the Transend Class-10 U1/UHS-I microSDHC memory card TS32GUSDU1E produced average read transfer speeds of 88.6 MB/s, with a peak read speed of 91.9 MB/s. Waveform results are illustrated below:

AIDA64 Read Results: Transcend TS32GUSDU1E

Both microSD cards produced similar read results, but it’s the write performance that matters most for these products. The faster the write speed, the quicker a photo is saved and the camera is ready to take another, or the video stream is recorded without frame drop.

Write speeds were very consistent for the entire capacity of the SanDisk Extreme UHS-I microSDXC memory card, which produced 57.7 MB/s on average with a 58.7 MB/s peak write speed. With exception to a momentary drop, performance was extremely consistent across the capacity:

AIDA64-Write-SanDisk-Extreme-UHS1-microSDXC-Card-SDSDQXAIDA64 Write Results: SanDisk SDSDQX-064G

The Transend TS32GUSDU1E shares the same Class-10 and U1/UHS-I certifications, yet this microSD memory card produced much slower write speeds. The maximum recorded write was only 20.2 MB/s, with a similar 19.6 MB/s average write speed. Progress results are illustrated below:

AIDA64 Write Results: Transcend TS32GUSDU1E

TEST SUMMARY: SandDisk’s Extreme series recorded much faster write transactions, with speeds up to 58.7 MB/s. The Transcend counterpart may be labeled with the same certifications, but with a maximum write speed of 20.2 MB/s it hardly compares.


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