Fractal Design Core 3500 Computer Case Review


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Fractal Design Core 3500 Case Detailed Features

Alright, so the Fractal Design Core 3500 is candy to our eyes, but at this price point a case must be more than good looking to gain our attention. In this section we are going to be taking a close look at the detailed features from the Fractal Design Core 3500 case.


First, lets take a look at the included accessories. Included with the case are a multi-language manual, and enough black screws to fill the case entirely. You also get 6 cable zip ties, which is enough for a decent cable management.


The fan controller found in the back of the case is powered by a molex connector. It is positioned right on top of the expansion slots. The 3 x 3-pin fan plugs are enough to power the included fans, however we would have liked to see better compatibility with 4-pin flag plugs instead. The position is also not the best, mainly because the cables are so short that it is very hard to route them through the back of the motherboard tray.


Inside we find a flashback of some of the other cases from Fractal Design. The motherboard standoffs are not installed, however Fractal Design does provide a tool to install them using a regular screwdriver. Another thing to take into consideration is the lack of space between the front intake fans and the drive cage, however the drive cage can be re-positioned so that there is 45 mm of clearance  or completely removed. All around the motherboard we find rubber grommets, even at the top, to route those sneaky CPU power cables.


As you can see from the back the drive cages are removable allowing for even thicker radiators to be installed. Some other 2.5″ mounting options can be found on the back of the motherboard tray, however mounting drives in the back can only be achieved if the motherboard is not installed, not a big problem but something to take into consideration. We would have also liked to see more tie-down points on the right portion of the motherboard tray to make cable management a bit easier.


Although the 3500 is very spacious, Fractal Design is only using two optical drive bays, which is more than enough for most users. The 5.25″ bays also show why Fractal Design is renowned for quality, the steel construction found all throughout the body of the case shows no signs of weakness or flex, and the smooth edges also mean you won’t have an undesired cut while working with this case.


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