Fractal Design Core 3500 Computer Case Review


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Fractal Design Core 3500 Case Overview

If you are familiar with Fractal Design you are probably aware of their minimalist case models which include flawless, curved corners that along with a front brushed aluminum finish are signature features from the Scandinavian company. Surprisingly, Fractal Design’s Core 3500 reveals a small change to this philosophy.


At the front we find a completely different face as compared to the previous Fractal Design Core 3000. Instead of a metal mesh, we find a plastic cover with a brushed aluminum finish. The plastic cover from the Fractal Design Core 3500 Case is more than great, it is sturdy enough and we did not find any problems when taking it off. At the bottom we find a stylish Fractal Design logo along the angled figures that mark the end of the “aluminum”. A more noticeable piece of this angled style can be found at the horizontal edges of the front cover. This angled theme is a first time for Fractal Design and we are loving it.


The Input / Output panel comes with 2 x USB 3.0 portts, a headphone and a microphone jack, a power switch, a reset switch and hard drive indicator light that along with the power button are illuminated by white LEDs.


At the top we find layout that is similar, if not identical to some of the other cases from Fractal Design. Both fan mounts support both 120/140 mm fans, Fractal Design also included offset holes for better radiator compatibility, a very important feature for those looking to water-cool. If you are wondering why they did not include a fan filter is probably because they expect you to use these top mounts as exhaust.


At the back we find a very efficient layout that we had already seen before in the Fractal Design Define R4 Case. The Fractal Design Core 3500 however does have a fan controller instead of the extra expansion slot it’s older predecessor has, another welcomed feature at this price point.


Probably, one of the most prominent features of Fractal Design is the implementation of one of the best looking side panel windows available in the market at this price point. The side panel window is dark enough to hide most imperfections, and it does not compromise the structure of the side panel. Both side panels have little to no flex, making the case extremely solid.


At the bottom we find the only dust filter in the case, however it should be noted that the front panel does have some dust proof foam that should protect the case from any dust unless you plan to use the top fans as intake. The dust filter is long enough to cover the power supply intake, and the fan that can be installed at the bottom.


The matte black finish that Fractal Design implemented in the Core 3500 is more than exceptional, but be wary as it can be scratched really easily. A look outside the case revealed a very stylish case overall, and probably one of the most compelling at this price point.


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