Silverstone Raven RV05 Case Review


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SilverStone Raven RV05 Detailed Features

The interior of the RV05 is designed to take advantage of the “stack effect” cooling, with the motherboard tray rotated 90 degrees, dual 180mm fans in the bottom, and a minimum of additional features to ensure uninterrupted airflow from the bottom to the top. At the lower left corner of the interior are the dual 3.5″ inch bays, which can be removed to accommodate either larger PSU’s or so they don’t partially obstruct the 180m fan beneath them. The PSU mounts vertically above the drive cage. The RV05 can accomodate coolers of up to 162mm in height and graphics cards up to 320mm long. It might even be possible to accommodate longer cards by rearranging the lower intake fans.

Silverstone Raven RV05 Interior
The rear panel of the case reveals dual SSD mounts and the mount for the slot loading optical drive. You might think given the design of the chassis it lacks any form of cable management, but you’d be wrong. The space behind the motherboard plate varies, but at it’s greatest depth you have an excellent 25mm of space. Furthermore, you have additional space to tuck cables away around the bottom fans. and removing the 3.5″ cage creates even more. That being said, I would still recommend a semi or fully modular PSU. Another SilverStone logo is located at the bottom of the plate.

Silverstone Raven RV05 Backplate

Removing the top panel of the case reveals the standard expansion slot setup that is normally on the rear of cases, but is here to accommodate the motherboard rotation. It basically looks and functions exactly like it does normally, and a 120mm exhaust fan can be mounted as well. My only gripe with this design are the expansion slots, which can’t be removed unless you remove the cover beside them first. This is hardly a major issue, but given the attention to design SilverStone showed in the rest of the chassis, it strikes me as odd that it was designed this way.

Silverstone Raven RV05 Top Compartment

Another look at the 3.5″ bays, along with the SilverStone 180mm case fans included with the case. To maximize airflow, there are no obstructions between the fans and the filter below. You can, if you so choose, remove the dual 180mm fans and install dual 140mm, or even three 120mm fans. I myself installed a Corsair H100i in push/pull configuration, which fit easily into the space.

Silverstone Raven RV05 Bottom Interior

This final photo shows one of the two 2.5″ mounts on the back. The holes on my 2.5″ SSD did not line up with the mounts, but I suspect that has more to do with the SSD itself and not the mounts. However, I found that the drive stayed snugly in place without screws anyways.

Silverstone Raven RV05 SSD Mounts

SilverStone’s aim was to make building a system inside the RV05 easy, especially given the interior is more cramped than others. In that they succeeded quite well, with simple component installation and ample cable management, especially for a case this size.


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