Cooler Master N600 Mid Tower Review


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Cooler Master N600  Detailed Features

The interior of the N600, much like the exterior, contains little extra features, and is designed to provide a simple and clean building experience. Unfortunately, unlike the exterior, the interior does not fare quite as well in it’s design. Storage options are abundant with a 3.5″ cage in the bottom, two brackets that can be shifted to accommodate either 2.5″ or 3.5″ drives, and three tool-less 5.25″ bays. Rubber surrounds the cabling holes, and Cooler Master has left a large hole for the 24-pin power cable. The N600 can accomodate graphics cards of up to 336mm in length if the 2.5″ cages are intact, or 430mm if removed. CPU cooler clearance is a healthy 167mm.

Cooler Master N600 MidTower Full Interior

The placement of the internal 2.5″ bays are possibly my biggest gripe with the interior design. Firstly, they are removable. but in order to do so required not only removing six screws but also a significant amount of brute force to push them out. This might not seem like a major problem, except that in order to install an additional 120mm fan in the front or install a radiator in the side, you have to remove the cage. And in order to accommodate the tubes for a radiator, you can’t use the cages at all, which reduces you to installing one SSD only.

Cooler Master N600 MidTower Interior Backplate

The rear of the N600 has an ample 15mm of space for cable management, and provides plenty of tie down points. A single SSD mount is built into the back, but I found that my Crucial 120GB SSD was to large to fit into the mount.

Cooler Master N600 MidTower Side Mount

This mount is for a side 120mm fan and/or 120mm/240mm radiator. To install either you have to remove the bracket, install the fan, then re-install the bracket. Cooler Master states that you can fit full radiators for custom water cooling, but Hardware Canucks has discovered that it isn’t possible to fit a full rad with fans. However, it is possible to install 120mm or 240mm AIO systems with a bit of wiggling and if you completely remove the 2.5″ cage to accommodate the tubes.

Cooler Master N600 MidTower Frontal Fan Mount

Another design decision I find confusing is the installation of the I/O circuit board. It is mounted in such a way that it covers several screw holes for the front 120mm fans, and in order to access each hole you have to remove three screws from the board and lift it off the front. This adds further unnecessary complications to installing additional front fans, arguably the most popular mount for intakes.


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  1. Johnniedoo

    I am a CM biased computer builder. 90% of all the ones i have built are made by Cooler Master. they have very solid construction and usually well thought out. I have a few of the 690 and the II and advance models myself as well as HAF922 and HAF932 is in the process of holding another build .
    I appreciate your pointing out these few inconvenient situations. They are important to me and useful. I still prefer CM generally and am surprised at the oversights. There are so many boxes available and many companies make excellent competition, CM needs to take care.

    1. David Shields

      Indeed. This was my first Cooler Master case, but I was aware of CM’s reputation and therefore similarly disillusioned by such obvious design faults from such a well respected company.

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