GAMDIAS HERMES Essential GKB2000 Mechanical Keyboard Review


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GAMDIAS HERA Software Overview

Like most peripheral software, you’ll have to go online to download HERA. Annoyingly, Gamdias felt it made more sense to put the download links under “Support” instead of under the official HERA page, which resulted in me having to look around a bit to find it. And it includes no instructions. Once you download the software and run it, HERA will immediately detect connected Gamdias hardware and download all the existing settings from each device, which can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few seconds. Once that’s done it will take you to a screen like the one shown here. which lists your profiles along with various sections including :

  •  Key Assignment (primary section)
  • Macro Management
  • Keyboard Luminance
  • Assign Sound & Timer
  • Sound File Edit
  • Timer Setting
  • Muscle Memory
  • Olympics (not enabled in this version of HERA it seems)
  • Update/Support



Gamdias HERA Software Main

The Macro Management section is the best part of the utility. This extremely flexible tool allows you to use emulated mouse movements and clicks in macros, control the timing of macro actions with absolute precision (think in milliseconds), and even lets you fully edit all your macros. You can edit, delete, copy, and more with individual steps within each macro, a feature that I’m sure will appeal to many gamers who love to use macros. On-the-Fly macro recording is enabled by pressing the “Fn” key followed by the right control key, then pressing it again when done with your inputs.

Gamdias HERA Macro Management

Once you have fiddled with your macros to your hearts content, head back over to the Key Assignment section. Not only can you assign macro keys, but you can also assign functions such as zoom, media keys and program quick launches. The “Blueprint” option displays the current profile, but unfortunately macros are not shown with the name you give them.

Gamdias HERA Key Assignment

This is an interesting little add-on to the HERA software called “Muscle Memory”. It provides a number of stats concerning your keyboard usage, such as total clicks, “Explosivness” (maximum number of keys pressed in 30 seconds), “Omnipresence” (number of keys hit at the same time), and “Levied Pressure” (total pressure exerted on all keys). While interesting, I’m at a loss as to what use this is short of a “cool factor”.

Gamdias HERA Muscle Memory

Again, without a manual to consult it is likely other features exist that I have yet to explore. However, I think most macro programmers will be able to use HERA effectively, and the options it provides makes it very a attractive piece of software.



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