GAMDIAS HERMES Essential GKB2000 Mechanical Keyboard Review


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GAMDIAS HERMES GKB2000 Detailed Features

The back of the HERMES features a trio of pass-through ports : one gold-plated USB connector, and a pair of microphone / headphone jacks. Nothing particularly fancy to see here.

Gamdias Essential Keyboard Ports

The cables are 2.2 meters in length, which is certainly a useful feature. You have two color-coded microphone and headphone plugs along with the main USB connector and the pass-through connector, both of which are gold-plated. The cables are very thick and have a braided sleeve, so not only do they look nice but they are difficult to damage.

Gamdias Essential Keyboard Jacks

The HERMES does not have any dedicated media or brightness keys, and instead those features are controlled when holding down the “Fn” key along with the corresponding key, like the F5 through F8 keys.

Gamdias Essential Keyboard Media Keys

Here is a look at the Cherry MX Black switches. The premier HERMES model, called the Ultimate, has what Gamdias has dubbed the “Gamdias Element”. This is a small rubber membrane surrounding each key that is designed to absorb the impact from the key hitting the plate and reduce noise, but the Essential version of the Hermes lacks this feature.

Gamdias Essential Keyboard Cherry Black Switches

No gaming keyboard would be complete without it’s accompanying software, so lastly we’re going to look at the software that Gamdias touts for use with all their peripheral products, HERA.


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