GAMDIAS Hephaestus GHS2000 Headset Review


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GAMDIAS Hera EOS Software

GAMDIAS offer some optional software for the Hephaestus on their website called EOS (but the actual link on the page first states it’s called HERA). The software appears to be a customized version of generic sound card software, not proprietary to GAMDIAS. The software, at least in my opinion, is not very useful, but it does allow you to do some interesting things.

GAMDIAS-Hephaetus-Software-EOS-Main-SettingHere on the Main Settings tab, you can set what channel output the headset receives, engaging the software driven 7.1 virtual surround and the analog output mode options. Again, these settings already exist in windows, with the exception of XEar which I found to have little to no effect on sound.

GAMDIAS-Hephaetus-Software-EOS-MixerThe only real benefit, or should I say feature, of the mixer tab’s options is the quick access option to enable monitoring of the microphone. By enabling the monitoring (the second button under the Microphone slider) you have the option to hear the sound effects found in the Karaoke/Magic Voice Tab (see below) as you speak into the microphone. I caught myself chuckling quite a bit while listening to the munchkin voice setting!

GAMDIAS-Hephaetus-Software-EOS-EffectHere under the effect tab, there are a plethora of environment options as well as an equalizer to fine tune your listening experience. The environment size options are pretty useless for headphones/headsets and would only be suited for actual speakers.

GAMDIAS-Hephaetus-Software-EOS-Karaoke_Magic-VoiceThe Karaoke/Magic Voice tab! By far the only real fun in the entire software, specifically the magic voice, allows you to swap your regular voice for one of the 4 other voice options. The dragon icon changes the pitch to make your voice deeper, while the water drop looking icon makes your pitch higher, giving you a sort of munchkin voice! The Male and Female options only change the pitch slightly resulting in only a mild alteration to your normal voice.


And no software would be complete without the Information tab. This tab is self explanatory, but I thought I throw it in for totality purposes so that you would know what information each tab contains.


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