GAMDIAS Hephaestus GHS2000 Headset Review


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GAMDIAS Hephaestus Detailed Features

Now we’ll take a closer look at some of the detailed feature that the Hephaestus has to offer! Now for the eye candy!

GAMDIAS Heatsink and Flex Mic Closeup

The Hephaestus’s microphone comes on a flexible boom that also allows you to rotate and store the microphone upright and out of the way when not in use. The flexibility was nominal and did not shift the headset during adjustment. The microphone stayed right where it was put during each gaming session. Some headsets develop a problem with the microphone staying put, usually heavy use results in this problem so only time will tell with the Hephaestus.


Here you can see exactly how the headset looks plugged in and not in use. Fold flat ear cups make for convenient flat surface storage. The microphone boom arm is folded up and stays in this position when not in use. The lights are bright and cannot be turned off, for many this may be a deal breaker.


The aluminum ear cup heatsinks, designed to keep your ears cool did just that. Although I’m not sure how much can be attributed to the heatsinks doing the work vs ambient temperature of the room. There is no fan behind these heatsinks, so it has passive cooling at best. The photo also shows a nice shot of the leather ear cups. The leather ear cups are soft and plush and provide a very comfortable fit for the user.

GAMDIAS Hephaetus Leather Headband

The generously padded leather headband proved to be one of this headsets greatest features. It was very comfortable on my head and I didn’t notice any sweating after long gaming sessions. Of course, ambient temperature would play a huge role in sweat production, so keep that in mind.


The in-line remote, I found, proved to be quite nice. It allows volume control, microphone mute, and the option to enable/disable the “Blast Source Identifier” or what I’ll refer to as enhanced bass. The bass control (small slider switch on opposite side of the remote) has three options, off, low, high. When enabling the bass you hear a distinctive vibration-ish sound through the ear cups. While some people may view in-line remotes as bothersome or unnecessary, I actually like having the control clipped to my shirt. For those of you who game shirtless, well, let’s just say it won’t be as comfortable for you.


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