GIGABYTE Q2556N v2 15.6” Media Laptop Introduced

GIGABYTE Q2556N v2 15.6” Media Laptop Introduced

Competent GeForce® GT 840M Graphics & Sound Blaster™ Cinema for Excellent Productivity plus Theatrical Experience

GIGABYTE announced the Q2556N v2 powered by NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 840M graphics and 4th Generation Intel® Core® i7 processor. The Q2556N v2 provides class-leading performance as well as rich multimedia features, capable of high-def video playback and multitasking at ease. Its massive dual-storage systemZ (up to 512GB mSATA SSD + 3TB HDD), flexible design of simple-swap and remove ODD / HDD slot, and Sound Blaster™ Cinema technology maximizes multimedia convenience and storage flexibility. For users seeking an all-around laptop designed with value in mind, Q2556N v2 caters just to the demands for both work and play.

GIGABYTE Q2556N v2 15.6” Media Laptop Introduced

Outstanding Performance with Latest NVIDIA® GT 840M Graphics

With the latest NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 840M 2GB and 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7 processor, the Q2556N v2 renews the boundaries of all-around laptop graphics, offering enhanced media experience for games and multimedia. Its dual-storage features a 512GB mSATA SSD and a whopping maximum of 3TB HDD, granting users blazing-fast speed as well as massive storage. The ingenious design of simple-swap DVD-ROM / HDD slot supports an optional third storage, achieving unprecedented flexibility without any compromise in mobility.

Immersive Entertainment with Sound Blaster® Cinema Technology

The embedded Sound Blaster® Cinema Audio Technology delivers crystal-clear sound and extraordinary audio experience, refining every listening moment into an exceptional audio feast. Users would definitely find the fine-tuned modes for gaming, music and movies easily accessible and are fully-tailored to specific environment in every user’s daily life. Along with the built-in extraordinary audio system, the Q2556N v2 guarantees an immersive theatrical experience whether the user is home, at work or on the go.

Optimal Experience gets an Upgrade

Q2556N v2 employs a full-sized chiclet keyboard with independent numeric pad, which is a real delight to use for typing. The keys are plenty large, ensuring excellent typing feedback and premium user comfort even after long hours of use. The Q2556N v2 features angular diamond lines in quality matte black textured finish, creating an all new unique design element. The elegant texture with amazing array of features makes the versatile Q2556N v2 create an unmatched value for multiple attributes of users’ lives.


  1. Colleen Moss

    I have had non stop problems with this machine. I purchased it in December 2014

  2. Aaron S

    I also have had constant problems with this laptop. The infuriating thing about it is that the GPU fan is constantly changing speed, to the point where during graphics-intensive games, the fan will very frequently go to maximum speed, but only for one second. When the fan speeds up like this, the framerate drops significantly until the fan speed returns to normal.
    Would absolutely never recommend a Gigabyte laptop to any of my colleagues and friends. I bought this one in early 2014 and I’m already looking to replace it with a real Alienware gaming laptop.

    That being said, this laptop does a great job of handling multiple VMWare virtual machines and GNS3 Virtualbox-simulated Cisco routers for a networking lab, as the i7 and 16GB RAM were well-integrated.

    TL/DR: Graphics suck on this thing, save up another few hundred and get an Alienware if you want a gaming rig. For the AUD$1600 price tag, it doesn’t meet the market expectations of a medium-priced gaming setup.

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