MSI Z97 MPOWER MAX AC Motherboard Review

MSI Z97 MPOWER MAX AC Motherboard Review

With the Z97 MPower Max AC, MSI is able to deliver a board squarely aimed at the overclocker that still boasts an incredible array of top tier features and accessories. The first glance at the MSI MPower Max AC shows off an enlarged CPU socket area to aid LN2 users in application of extreme cooling, which translates well into the mounting of any cooling solution. The MPower uses an 8-layer PCB filled with top quality Military Class 4 components for increased durability, longevity and cooler operation. Sporting the MSI OC board yellow/black color scheme, the main heatsink of the 20-phase DigitAll power design also features 3/8” barbs to add your board into your loop, while still running cool on air only. The top right corner of the full sized ATX board is populated with OC controls for one-click OC, BCLK control and voltage monitoring for up to three meters simultaneously. An abundance of connectivity is present, with eight SATA 6G connections as well as one M.2 SATA, twelve USB 3.0 ports and six USB 2.0. A completely redesigned Realtek 1150 based audio solution uses audio intended caps throughout, and is EMF shielded from the rest of the board. Intel Gigabit LAN, dual band WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and WiDi keep you connected in every way imaginable. Pre-boot, the Click 4 BIOS presents powerful intuitive options, while Command Center allows for intricate tweaks in the Windows environment… at HiTechLegion

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