be quiet! Pure Wings 2 & Silent Wings 2 Case Fans Review

be quiet! Pure Wings 2 & Silent Wings 2 Case Fans Review

The question is, what kind of fans? One example is a common computer case fan moves air with high speed with wide, noisy blades that generate turbulence and therefore more noise. Or how about a modern curved bladed fan that moves air but still uses speedy blades, again leading to turbulence and noise. Instead, we can turn to a special design on the blade to reduce turbulence and spins at a slower speed for much less noise. Then add a couple of blades to the fan hub to allow for reducing the size of the blades and giving better airflow, while at the same time reducing turbulence and noise even more.

As it turns out, we have such a choice with be quiet ! fans with options for size, mounting and even with PWM control. Today we will be looking at two be quiet! 140mm fans, the Pure Wings 2 and Silent Wings 2… at Neoseeker

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