Superlux HD668B Headphones Review


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Superlux HD668B Headphones Testing and Results

Testing Methodology

Even though they are the cheapest set of headphones we have ever reviewed, the Superlux HD668B Headphones deserve to go through the same tests as other headphones. We performed this review with the help of AudioCheck.net’s sound test to check for frequency response, sound quality, driver matching, and binaural signal. We also used a mixed music playlist to evaluate sound quality.

To accurately test using AudioCheck.net it is recommended that all audio samples are downloaded and not played online, so as to avoid any distortion caused by the compression of online media. Our test systems are completely different to cover how the Superlux HD 668B Headphones perform in each platform. We also created a music playlist that includes more than 36 hours of mixed genres including Metal, Dance, Classical and Soft Rock.

Test Systems

  • Personal Computer (using an Audioengine D1 USB – DAC )
  • Nokia Lumia 521 Phone
  • IPod Nano 6

Music Playlist (Albums)

  • Led Zeppellin – Led Zepellin IV
  • Nicolas Jaar – Darkside
  • Claude Debussy – L’enfant Prodigue
  • Soda Stereo – Cancion Animal



Frequency and Response and Dynamic Range: One prominent feature from the Superlux 668B Headphones are the big 50 mm drivers that are gracefully placed in their semi-open design. These two are the ones to blame for the great clarity and depth of these headphones, and for the great performance in the low and mid-range. However, when we first got these headphones, there seemed to be lots of disturbances in the highs. These disturbances can be fixed with the right EQ, on our iPod Nano this issue was easily fixed by using the included EQ option “Treble Reducer”.

On our test using AudioCheck.net we found that at about 6 kHz the treble would start to become a bit disturbing. We found that they responded right until about 20 kHz, were we met our roadblock. On the lows we found a pretty stable and linear response right until about 270 Hz were it dropped slightly. Overall very linear performance except in the highs, however this was fixed by using an EQ. For this price it is really hard to find similar performance. Concerning the impedance, the Superlux 668B Headphones will play just fine on most portable devices, however they might sound slightly better on a dedicated sound card or DAC.

Binaural Testing: Binaural testing is the ability to fully recognize the location in space by using the noise produced by an object. It is usually a good indicator to isolate a great pair of headphones from the rest. There are many ways to test this, however we decided to use a soundtrack that takes great advantage of binaural recording. By listening to Claude Debussy’s L’enfant Prodigue and closing our eyes we could clearly identify were all of the objects or players were located in the recording. Just for the sake of testing it, when we plugged them into our DAC we could almost identify the distance from each artist in L’enfant Prodigue, as if almost we were in the same room. Binaural testing, definitely not a problem for our underestimated test subject.

Sound Quality: The most astonishing feature from the Superlux 668B headphones is their sound clarity. It is a complete pleasure to just sit down and listen to Nicolas Jaar;s low relaxing beats, or if you are of more classical taste, we could almost hear a distant cough in our L’enfant Prodigue studio recording. Vocals are astonishing, they might sound a bit too bright if not EQed, but when fixed both Led Zeppelin and Soda Stereo sounded almost like I was using my Audio Technica ATH-A900X with a more vibrant noise. For the price, I do not think you can find a better Sound Quality, the Superlux HD668B Headphones have performed really well as budget headphones.


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    You should also try out HD681 Evo and HD330.

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