Superlux HD668B Headphones Review


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Superlux HD668B Headphones Overview

In this page we will take a glance at the style and looks of the Superlux 668B Headphones


The first surprise that came to our attention were the accessories, that before opening the package we thought would be non-existent at this price point. Included within the package are a 1M and a 3M straight gold coated cables that scream quality and can be inter-Connected to form a 4M cable. Also included, are a cable clip to mount aftermarket cables directly to the headphones  and a 3.5/6.3 gold coated plug adapter. The icing on the cake is the soft carrying pouch that is more than large enough to accommodate the Superlux HD668B Headphones and the included accessories.


Aesthetically, the Superlux 668B Headphones seem very subtle, with the exception of the auto-adjustable wings. They are probably not the most stylish headphones we have ever reviewed, but they look good enough to be acknowledged. Just by holding them, they do not feel like something of this price point.

All around you find a matte black that hides the plastic body, which features a very smooth and appealing form, lacking the aggressive look of gaming headsets . Both the ear-pads and headband wings are made of synthetic leather, which is really comfortable to the touch. At first  I found the ear-pads to be lacking comfort, however they can be easily swapped. The stitching is not excellent but it is more than sufficient to not give any concerns.

superlux-668B-audio-jack-2 superlux-668B-audio-jack

Concerning build quality, our first major observation came across the male cable termination that comes out of the left ear cup. It is nice that they allow for other cables to be used with the headphones but in the long term it feels like the cable might come out of the vessel if you are constantly unplugging or straining it.


Another thing to note is that during the first week of use the headband was a bit too stiff for my taste, but after some usage they start to give out and become more pleasant and adjustable. As uncomfortable as they may seem, they did not produce any fatigue in our long periods of testing while still maintaining a reasonable amount of clamping force to stay in place. Because the Superlux HD668B Headphones are so light, they can be used for a very long time without causing any strains, however don’t expect them to be as comfortable as headsets that are three times their price.


The Superlux HD668B Headphones offer a somewhat professional look that is not impressive until you reveal their price. The exterior does reveal some key features of what we might expect once we test them; being semi-open they will not provide the same isolation as closed headphones, however open headphones provide a really open and satisfying sound. The build quality is far from superior from other headphones at this price point, however I wouldn’t go in a rage with these.


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  1. revanchrist

    You should also try out HD681 Evo and HD330.

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