ASUS Z97-DELUXE NFC & WLC Motherboard Review

ASUS Z97-DELUXE NFC & WLC Motherboard Review

ASUS is a name we are all familiar with in some way. From motherboards, such as the Z97 DELUXE we will look at today, to monitors, video cards, laptops, cases, and coolers, there is a good chance an ASUS product has seen your desk at some point if you are a PC enthusiast. What ASUS has to offer this time around, with the Intel Z97 platform, takes on a whole new look, one of those things that just does not come across all that well in pictures alone.

The board your dad or hipster brother always wants because it’s packed with all the latest goodies every tech-savvy person is ever going to need, rather than all the gaming and overclocking goodness the ROG series features, the ASUS Z97 DELUXE (NFC & WLC) is ASUS’s top-tier offering for the main product line. The DELUXE name means exactly what you think it does: This is that shiny new car with all the options selected. Its refined black and gold color scheme, this time with more black, also brings with it a much more sophisticated feature set… at techPowerUp!

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