Antec ISK600 Mini-ITX Case Review


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Antec ISK600 Mini-ITX Case Interior

To get access to the internals, remove all three thumbscrews from the back and lift the entire aluminum cover off the chassis. The large opening on the side of the case is where the graphics card is installed. The other side of the case features a single 3.5″ drive bay along with the ATX power supply mount. Antec did helpfully provide four pre-installled motherboard standoffs, so installing your ITX board is as simple as dropping and screwing it in place. The Antec ISK600 fits graphics cards up to 317.5mm, and CPU coolers up to 170mm.

Antec ISK600 Interior Wide View

The top of the case features two fully removable drive bays slotted into place by screw heads on each side. Antec added anti-vibration rubber around the screw heads of the rear 3.5″ HDD trays, but for some reason did not do the same with the 2.5″ / ODD bay. Each bay also has a strip of foam where the aluminum chassis cover rests to further reduce the noise from vibration. The rear bay can accommodate dual 3.5″ hard drives, while the front can mount dual 2.5″ as well as the slim optical drive underneath.  The case can accommodate graphics cards of up to 317.5mm and CPU coolers up to 170mm.

Antec ISK600 Drive Trays

Taking a closer look at the front 2.5″ / ODD bay shows the mounting system for the drives. The slim optical drive slots into the bottom of the bay and is fixed in place by four screws on the bottom. To remove the bay cover on the front of the case simply push the cover from the outside into the case and it will pop right out. The 2.5″ drives are mounted facing into the case and secured with four screws in the bottom.

Antec ISK600 HDDODD Bay

The rear of the case provides a mount for the sole case fan in the chassis, a 120mm fan. Antec’s online manual states that the Antec Kuhler H20 CPU cooler is compatible with this mount but does not mention any other coolers. With the upper drive caddy in place, there is exactly 76mm of clearance between it and the back plate, which should allow you to mount many different AIO liquid coolers. Removing the caddy greatly improves available room and I see no reason why it wouldn’t be possible to mount a 120mm AIO cooler in a push / pull configuration. I suggest measuring clearance with your motherboard and / or graphics card in place before installing an AIO system.

Antec ISK600 Fan Mount

The power supply mounts on the internal bracket with the rear facing the side panel vent, and the PSU fan facing the front of the chassis. The side and bottom vents built into the front panel allow the PSU fan to draw air into the unit, but the wires and chips for the front panel connectors do obstruct airflow. Antec states that you can fit a PSU of up to 140 x 150 x 86mm inside the case, and they do provide an internal 90 degrees PSU connector that runs to the external socket in the back. There are two foam pads along the inside of the front panel, along with two on the bottom of the case which helps cut down on vibration. I strongly recommend, if not downright require, purchasing a modular PSU for the ISK600.

Antec ISK600 PSU Mount

Antec installed four cable tie down points around the PSU area, this is literally the only location in the ISK600 where you can arrange cables, otherwise you’ll simply have to leave them loose. It seems that Antec intends for you to run the cables from the front panel through the tie points and around the PSU to the back of the motherboard. Interestingly, the small vent-like holes that are behind the motherboard (see my section on the exterior for reference) appear as though you could insert cable ties through. Given the orientation of the interior ties and the inclusion of that grille, it is quite possible this is exactly what Antec has in mind. One inch of space exists behind the motherboard, which can be used to arrange the various cables that connect to the motherboard. You’ll want a modular PSU for this case, unless you like stuffing all your unused cables into one spot and further complicating the already poor airflow.

Antec ISK600 Cable Loops

The interior of the ISK600 uses a unique layout designed to provide more customization options than in other Mini-ITX cases. It isn’t quite as modular as the BitFenix Prodigy, but it packs a good amount in a much smaller form. All the vibration reducing features are certainly a nice touch and an attractive feature for those who want a quiet work or HTPC PC. I am slightly disappointed with the cooling options, and I think that Antec could have included mounts for at least two additional case fans in the ISK600, certainly two 80mm mounts and possibly even dual 120mm fans.


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  1. Dave Ford

    “Antec added anti-vibration rubber around the screw heads of the rear 3.5″ HDD trays, but for some reason did not do the same with the 2.5″ / ODD bay.”

    …because an SSD doesn’t have any moving parts, thus no vibration. I suppose that it might be nice to have that for the optical drive, but given that it’s a slim optical drive and thus limited in its speed, I don’t see vibration being a problem.

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