GAMDIAS HERMES GKB2010 Black Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


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GKB2010 Gaming Keyboard Closer Look

At the rear of the keyboard we find a USB pass-through port as well as microphone and headphone ports. The pass-through port is nice although some competing keyboards are using full USB hubs, which are better.


The wrist rest clips on with magnetic attachments and is absolutely huge. It is far too large to fit on my desk and its size forces you to place the keyboard back further than you might like…


…but it doubles as a keyboard cover, which is clever.


Although there are many dedicated macro keys, media and a few other control keys (brightness, etc.) are folded into the function keys, and accessed by holding down the “Fn” key.


Here’s what the GAMDIAS Membrane looks like. It’s a rubber surround that reduces the travel of the keys and dampens the “clack” noise you’d normally hear when the key cap strikes the metal base plate. It dramatically changes the feel of the Cherry MX Black key switches, and it’s easy to tell since for some reason the numeric pad doesn’t have it.


The bottom six macro keys get their own dedicated circuit board that plugs into the main keyboard. Overall the construction quality of this keyboard looks great…


…except for the soldering around the left five macro keys (G1-G5). Not sure what happened here, but the keys work perfectly.


But a modern keyboard is nothing without its supporting software, and GAMDIAS has some interesting stuff in store for us there.


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  1. David Shields

    The key with that you say looks like a “soda can with a straw in it” appears to function as a “right click” key. It kinda looks like a mouse with that little marking around the right button. When I selected an icon or such and pressed the key it brought up the same menu as right clicking would normally. This is on the GAMDIAS Hermes Essential version, and I assume it functions the same on the Ultimate.

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