GAMDIAS HERMES GKB2010 Black Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review


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GAMDIAS HERMES Keyboard Overview

Normally one of the first images I’d show are the accessories that come with a product. In the case of the HERMES, there are none save two logo stickers; not even a folded pamphlet. Presumably as an experienced gamer you will intuitively understand that you’re suppose to go to the GAMDIAS web site and download the keyboard software. While you’re there, you can peruse a short user manual…in Czech. It’s worthwhile to download this and run it through Google Translate, by the way.

So, moving on…the first thing you will notice about the GAMDIAS HERMES is that it’s a pretty large keyboard. Extra macro keys on the left and bottom edges make it quite large, even without what is surely the industry’s largest wrist rest attached. Compared to a normal 104-key keyboard, the GKB2010 is just huge.


This particular example uses Cherry MX Black switches, although you can choose between Black, Blue, Red, and Brown when ordering the keyboard. The “standard 104”  keys are secured by a thick metal base, although the macro keys at the left and bottom of the keyboard are supported only by their circuit boards.


There are five macro keys at the left of the keyboard…


…six along the bottom of the GKB2010 keyboard (although not stacked as shown here)…


…and finally two more snuck into the arrow cluster.


As we’ve seen on other gaming keyboards, the Scroll Lock indicator has been replaced with a “Gaming” indicator (Gaming mode disables the Windows key). Here you can also see the USB port, microphone, and headphone labels for the ports on the back of the keyboard.


You connect these ports to your PC with these heavy, braided, gold-plated-connector cables. There are separate USB connectors for the keyboard itself and for the USB pass-through on the back; the microphone and headphone connectors have color-coded insulating rings.

gamdias_hermes_cablesWe’ll continue our examination of the GAMDIAS HERMES GKB2010 keyboard in the next section.


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  1. David Shields

    The key with that you say looks like a “soda can with a straw in it” appears to function as a “right click” key. It kinda looks like a mouse with that little marking around the right button. When I selected an icon or such and pressed the key it brought up the same menu as right clicking would normally. This is on the GAMDIAS Hermes Essential version, and I assume it functions the same on the Ultimate.

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