EVGA TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse Review


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EVGA Unleash Mouse Utility Software

EVGA calls their mouse utility software Unleash, and it is one of the nicer and more usable utilities of its type (with the exception of macro definitions, which I’ll get to later). The first screen you see upon invoking the software is the Button Assignment screen. There are a total of nine assignable buttons on the mouse (every button except the “Switch Profile” button on the bottom). This screen is purely informational: hovering over a button on the colored grid shows the button’s assigned function. For example, if you hover over the blue “3” button, a popup will show “Right Click”, assuming you haven’t changed it to something else.

Also notice at the lighting control, DPI, and sensitivity adjustments at the top of the application window. This part of the user interface is constant across all the other screens.


Actual button assignment is handled by the Button Settings screen. This is where you’ll define the non-macro operation of the buttons. Select the button you want to define from the list at the right (which also shows the currently-assigned function), then choose its function from the list on the left. Macros defined for the currently selected profile will appear in the Settings list as well, although there’s a problem with that I’ll get to later.

evga_torq_x10_utils_buttonsThe Advanced section has three sub-sections: DPI, OS, and LED. In the DPI section you set the DPI and polling rate you want for each of the mouse’s five DPI settings.; note that DPI can be set individually for the horizontal and vertical axes. The current setting you’re using is indicated by the four LEDs on the mouse below the DPI rocker switch, with no LEDs lit serving as a fifth setting. Every time you move the rocker switch, the new DPI setting you’re using appears briefly at the bottom of the screen.


In the OS section, you can adjust “Angle Snapping” (whatever that is), mouse acceleration, “OS Sensitivity”, as well as mouse scroll and click speeds. Presumably this is called “OS” because the settings are the same as the ones in the Mouse control panel in Windows, and indeed changes made to obvious settings like “Double Click Speed” in one control are reflected in the other. I would still like to know what “Angle Snapping” is.


Although the mouse has three LED-lit sections (the scroll wheel, the DPI indicators, and the EVGA logo), only the scroll wheel, aka “LED 01” and the EVGA logo (“LED 02”) can have their colors changed– the DPI indicators will always be red. For the other LEDs, you can choose from seven different colors and control the brightness as well; optionally, you can turn the LEDs off completely or have them “breath”, varying the brightness automatically in a pulsing pattern. Note that the color and intensity controls for both LEDs are always available at the top of the window, in the Lighting Control section.


Let’s see how this mouse is to use in the next section.


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  1. Reiverblade

    COMMENT QUESTION: Who makes your favorite gaming mouse?
    i had a G5 G5X G600 G602 (still have the G602… impressed 2 Energizer Lithium and still running 5 out of 5 bar in the battery status after a bit more than 2month )

    oh well that EVGA mouse look attractive in the carbon clad type … but it’s kinda too little on the function side (after using a G600 and a G602 it’s difficult to settle for less than 8 buttons on the left side) i think if i ever need a wired mouse i will look for a G502 Proteus Core (well 3 button less than the G602 but still 5 buttons on the left side)

    1. Olin Coles

      I’m still rockin’ a Logitech G9 and G9x gaming mouse for my systems.

  2. PhilH

    So this is the $50 version without the carbon fiber right? Have you tested the carbon fiber version and how it feels (in the hands)?

  3. David Ramsey

    Yes, we tested the non-carbon fiber version. The photos of the carbon fiber version show a smooth finish, so I would expect it to be purely decorative, and to feel the same as the non-carbon version.

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