BitFenix Shadow Computer Case Review


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BitFenix Shadow Exterior

The BitFenix Shadow is a rather plain case: basic black, rectangular, with only the BitFenix logo on the front panel to break up the monotony.


Both sides of the case are unadorned black steel panels, with no windows or vents. Event the top of the case is a plain unvented panel.


The bottom of the case sports two filtered air intakes (the filters are on the inside of the case; more on that later). At the front of the case (the right of this image) you can see the four mounting points for a 2.5″ device.


At the rear of the case we see the 120mm exhaust fan (with mounting points for both 80 and 92mm fans should you wish). Two knock-out panels for water cooling hoses and 7 ventilated card slot covers sit between the cutouts for the I/O panel and the bottom-mounted power supply.


The accessory package is meager: some screws, a very skimpy manual, and an odd little angle piece which you can use to brace the front of the power supply.


Let’s take a more detailed look at this case in the next section.


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