Lian Li PC-Q07B Mini-ITX Case Review


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Mini-ITX Case Final Thoughts

My overall experience with this case ends in a positive note. It looks great, it is easy to build in, and it holds up to the Lian Li standard. However Lian Li sacrificed many important features that we find important such as front audio jacks, and fan mounts. The case is also very limited to the amount of stuff you can put in it, such as a single slot expansion card and only one storage device. Inside there seems to be plenty of unused space that could be used for better cable management or even to make a DIY mod to mount more storage devices. Aside from that, the case has some pretty strong points such as being relatively small and still being able to hold an ATX power supply which was the main reason for which we chose this case. On our test set-up we didn’t find our i5 4670 getting past 65 degrees Celsius under load with the stock cooler, which is a pretty standard result for most cases. At this price point, the Lian Li PC-Q07B is a great choice for an office environment  or an HTPC enclosure.


Lian Li PC-Q07B Conclusion

Unfortunately the Lian Li PC-Q07B leaves a whole lot to wish as it lacks any form of cooling. The only way air moves into this case is through the ventilation holes found around the case, so don’t expect to load this case with the ultimate gaming hardware, but rather with what is really intended for.

Aesthetically the minimalistic cube design is one of the strongest points of the Lian Li PC-Q07B. It is small enough to fit inside a cabinet, and stylish enough to show it off in your living room.

Another reason to choose the Lian Li PC-Q07B is the amazing build quality. Made from anodized aluminum, the case feels really robust and is extremely light weight. We didn’t find any sharp edges inside which means that you won’t have any accidental finger cuts while building inside this case.

One thing we disliked about the Lian Li PC-Q07B is that unlike some cases like the Corsair 250D, it doesn’t use space really well. If we could remove the 5.25″ drive, we could easily mount more storage devices, apart from the one that it already allows. Another thing we wondered is why Lian Li didn’t allow for a second expansion slot. As seen in the picture above there is plenty of space for a second expansion slot.

As of May 2014 the Lian Li PC-Q07B is the least-expensive case from Lian Li and is available online for $59.99 (Newegg Amazon). Even at a relative low price it still holds up to it’s name with Lian Li’s great build quality and brushed aluminum look. However, we would only recommend this case if you are willing to accept the limited storage and expansion.


+ Very stylish!
+ Easy to build in.
+ Extremely small!
+ Exceptional build quality.
+ Lightweight.
+ Takes ATX power supplies of up to 140 mm of length.


– Side panels are held by 6 easily to lose screws.
– Only one storage device mount.
– Only one expansion slot.
– No cooling capabilities.
– No front 3.5 mm jacks.


  • Performance: 5.75
  • Appearance: 9.50
  • Construction: 9.25
  • Functionality: 6.75
  • Value: 7.5

Final Score: 7.75 out of 10.



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