Lian Li PC-Q07B Mini-ITX Case Review


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Building a System inside the Lian Li PC-Q07B Mini-ITX Case

Building a system on such a small enclosure can sometimes prove to be a tough challenge, however Lian Li is renowned for their user friendly layouts. This proved true in our experience building within the Lian Li PC-Q07B.

Lian-Li-Q07B-Power-Supply-2. Lian-Li-Q07B-Power-Supply-1

We first started by intalling the power supply and the hard drive, which are relatively easy tasks if you follow the instruction manual. The power supply can be mounted two ways as shown in the picture. Since the case had plenty of ventilation holes we decided to mount the power supply so that it would intake air from outside the case.


We then mounted the motherboard into the side panel, which we used as our static free work station for mounting our processor and memory.


We decided to connect all the cables to the motherboard prior to installing the side panel. We found really strange that the reset and HDD LED cables were about half the length of the other front I/O cables, we ended up connecting them while installing the side panel.


A final look reveals a mess of cables that we were unable to use and therefore had to route underneath the power supply. We highly suggest to use a modular power supply as you won’t be using many of the cables. A short cable kit will also do great as the Lian Li PC-Q07B lacks cable management options, however Lian Li does include some cable management accessories with the case.

Another approach is to install the motherboard prior to the power supply, however both methods will bring very similar results.


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