Lian Li PC-Q07B Mini-ITX Case Review


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Lian Li PC-Q07B Mini-ITX Case Detailed Features

Looking at the exterior of the case we found many clues to what Lian Li hid inside the PC- Q07B. Over this section we are going to cover in detail the interior features of the Lian Li PC-Q07B Mini ITX enclosure.


First off we are going to take a look at the included accessories. Inside we find a multi-language instruction manual, thumb screws and noise isolation rubber washers to mount a 3.5″ HDD, a cable management tie down point, one zip tie, a USB 2.0 to 3.0 adapter, a Lian Li case badge, and enough screws to completely fill the Lian Li PC-Q07B with hardware.


A first look inside reveals what seemed to us like a layout that along with the standard four ITX motherboard standoffs, a 5.25″ inch drive bay, and a 3.5″ HDD are just a continuation of the simple design we found on the exterior of the case.


Along the top we find the 5.25″ drive bay which although it visually resembles the sharp steel found in other cases, we found quite sturdy and thick enough to prevent any accidental finger cuts. Unfortunately the bay is held in place by rivets which prevents it from being taken off.


At the bottom we find a 3.5″ HDD mounting mechanism made from the same material as the drive bay but to our surprise the HDD mount can be removed by simply taking off the four screws located at the bottom of the case. We also find the 4 holes used to mount a 2.5″ storage device inside the Lian Li PC-Q07B case.

The interior really shows how limited the case really is with no place for fans and only one SSD/HDD mount. However, it provides more than enough features to build an HTPC which is what Lian Li advertises this case for.


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